Announcing: Other Projects of my photography, personal art collection and inspiration Tab!


This section is for my other projects. My quotes are included in my poetry tab, and my blog includes mental health and physical health articles as well as journal entries, and I’m Sorry Cat has a whole department ❤


So here will be, as of now, a section titled My Photography which is for my photography. Then, a section called My Collection which includes posts of pieces of artwork in my personal collection (contemporary art, often pop surrealism or surrealism or low brow or street art. This will fill up quickly because I own so much. Finally, My Inspiration  from the drop down contains articles, paintings I don’t own, film and other creative works that stimulate my mind and that I hope will inspire you.


The feedback on these pieces I upload will be really helpful so that I continue to inspire and connect.


I hope this works out!





PS If the category is blank that means I haven’t uploaded something related or haven’t changed the new tag!