Become A Featured Artist! typically receives a hefty amount of traffic each day.

If you also Write To Heal like Drem, or use your platform through art for healing, please let me know!

I’d love to feature your work in a reblog and also interview you!

You can email her at

Alternatively, you can comment below.




21 thoughts on “Become A Featured Artist!

  1. Is this a shameful way to get publicity. Eh…who cares? I do, I do.

    But seriously yeah take a chance on me for a rollercoaster ride of physical and mental anguish. Bi-polar/Crohns/Dysfunctionally F**ktastically Beautiful Crazy….

    Can I use crazy? I know some folks don’t like that word when in reference to mental health. But, I use it to reclaim it because Crazy is Beautiful…Broken is gorgeous and being outside looking in is fabulous!

    with ANXIETY!!!!


    1. Sure! Send an email over.
      I have stopped posting them but I’ve only been back from hiatus for a little bit. I will start posting the interviews I have back filed shortly.


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