About Drem’s Therapy Cat

Drem’s cat is a registered therapy cat. For the sake of privacy, I call him Cat or Kitty.


Being a therapy cat means he can travel with her any where she goes. He helps Drem when she is sick. She rescued him when his mom died. He was the only sibling that survived after his mom passed away.


Drem’s mom and her have rescued over 100 cats through either TNR (trap, neuter, release) or domestication.

Cat is the only cat she kept as her forever partner in sleepiness, lounging, and eating.


Besides being a Therapy Cat, kitty is special because he talks non-stop. He is a gorgeous gray tabby domestic shorthair who photographs like a model. When Drem asks him for a kiss, he comes over and gives him his forehead for her to kiss. And, like Drem, despite everything that went wrong in his life he overcame it! Veterinarians said he could never become “domesticated”. He would never be an affectionate house cat.

Not only is he domesticated, he loves to lay on Drem’s tummy and chest and give kisses whenever Drem is sick (which is often).

He is Drem’s best friend and she doesn’t know what she would do without him, both emotionally (for therapy reasons) and because she loves him so much.

She also started writing little funny stories about him!

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