And Then You Saw Me, poem by Drem


I’m back to post this. This is based on an epic dream I had about me and Jesse Eisenberg. Weird fan girl dream? /shrug. It was more of, like, I was playing a role in a movie he was in.


And Then You Saw Me, poem by Drem

August 13, 2016

“Talking benzoids, opiates and exes

and counting who ODed this week

under smoke

that smells funny.

We keep them rolling.

Through the haze I see you

and we talk through

quick thoughts about nothing

and everything seems important

so sentences run out of our mouths

even though it’s not a marathon.

Nobody is running.

We’re sitting

on this 1980’s basement couch.

You’re important

because I think you see me.

And you’re funny.

And our road trips in August-

detouring to small towns

for big adventures

off Route 66-

they’re fun and make me feel young again.

$3 breakfasts

in a 1950’s diner.

It’s like we’re in a movie


We smile across from each other

drinking burnt coffee

not minding the taste at all.

When we get back in the car

we stream the same shit

we did in high school

and sing along on the ride

in the afternoon sun

on our way home.

…I’m praying

your car doesn’t

break down.

Neither of us have the money.

We can barely cover gas.

The whole time

I think you see me.

And you say you love me

every night.

But who really knows the truth?

We’ve both been fooled before.

We both know words mean nothing.

You say them, nonetheless, to me anyway.

I think you like

to hear yourself

sound romantic.

We’re so broken, drugged and desensitized-

can either of us actually love?

I know I can’t, at least.

They got me doped on

on drugs that make me sleepy and unable to cry.

I mentioned that to you- just now.

How I’m not able to cry.

And you suddenly seem so far away

on this 1980’s couch

even though you’re an arm’s length away.

You finally saw me.

You turn,

and you go talk

to some very pretty girl

who is not me.

I knew you didn’t love me.

You just like to sound romantic.

I don’t hold it against you.

You’re still important.

I find you funny.

And I like you.

And I don’t like hearing

“I love you”


(C) Drem 2016




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