My Artwork: My Weirded Out Mind


My Weirded Out Mind

Drem 2016

So this is what I look like living with PTSD and bp2.


8 thoughts on “My Artwork: My Weirded Out Mind

    1. thanks! I don’t consider myself an artist whatsoever. I’m just a fucked up doodler. I kind of stopped because I felt really overwhelmed, and overwhelmed with this blog. And now I’m on new medication. But I wrote a poem today so I put it up. All my other stuff were scheduled posts. I’m on here now to backup my previous work and to show to the woman who is interested in publishing my stuff.
      how you been?


      1. That’s awesome! You should definitely publish a book! I think you should put either a still of your animated film on the cover, or The Weirded Out Cat. I hope you do it; Good luck with that! I’ve been crying up a blue storm because it’s likely I’ll be homeless beginning next month. Wish I had that magic wand now…


      2. I’ve been putting it off for months now because I’m too depressed/anxiety ridden.

        WTF HAPPENED OMG WHY HOMELESS? Is there an emergency number you can call?


  1. Oh, wait. Also you should do t-shirts, mugs, sneakers, calendars, backpacks, maybe keychains, eyeglasses, plates, dishtowels (so cute!), journals, writing implements, phone cases, flashlights (?), etc.


  2. I can go to a shelter, if I get in, but I’ll be stuck. It’s useless, because it doesn’t help you get OUT of that situation; it just keeps you locked-in, like a caged bird. It’s just spinning wheels (I’ve been to one, once; I know what I’m talking about. Plus, the TB test they gave me and this other guy gave us both this weird rash — but, neither of us have TB. The fine print of the contract says, basically, that they can experiment with you — just as it is allowed to do so on our military). This is maybe like the 4th time or so where I’ve been “ousted”, so-to-speak. But, my options are running out, as is my time… No job, no money, and a tumor growing on my forhead. Totally tragic. Wish I could just have a job and my problems would be on there way to being solved. Thanks for your concern. Whatever it’ll be, will be.


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