Pretend That This Isn’t Just A Dream, a poem by Drem

I can’t remember if I posted this or a rewrite of this one… I did rewrite and post the one before this one. It was too long ago. I can’t remember anything. But in any case, if anything, this is a new version of a poem I wrote back in 2012.

Also, I hate love poems.

WTF is this shit?


xoxo Drem

Pretend That This Isn’t Just A Dream, a poem by Drem

Originally Untitled


Manifest your destiny.

Sing with me

through colored springs

of green and pink

like we have forever

and like this isn’t a dream.


Hand in hand through sad Falls

you still make me smile.

All the trees

fall beneath the sleeping trees.

We shouldn’t mourn for them.


Hold on to me

Hold on to us.

Our bad dreams,

forget them.

Think of our destiny


There is no future set,

just a will-be.

Not a maybe.

We will be

and we’ll get through this

and make our dreams

become real.

5 thoughts on “Pretend That This Isn’t Just A Dream, a poem by Drem

  1. This is really beautiful and rather poignant given the preceeding closing down post.
    You might not have fallen in love but you have a loving heart and this is a really lovely piece. It’s nice to see that side of you in poetry. You might not like love poems but you’ve got a voice for it. I would love to see what you can create when your truly fallen in love. I envy that man whoever he may be.

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    1. i think i was able to write this because they’ve all loved me. it’s their POV. actually, i had a dream about this one guy who i “thought” i fell in love with. I didn’t really love him- true story. I was young. Well 19. Anyway,he got really mean. He suffered from addiction (alcohol) and mental illness and called me a cunt (like in a mean way) and all these terrible ways. Made me cry. I was trying to help him nonetheless because manic people can be so beautiful when they float around. I didn’t care that he wasn’t attractive. That he was overweight. I saw something. Or at least, I thought I did.
      He was in love with a girl who didnt love him. And I think he hated me because I was the only bright light in his dark room and he liked his room dark.
      I confessed my love to him. He never texted me back again.
      He’s the only one.

      So, i wrote if from the rest of them boys’ perspectives.

      I also would love to see what I would write if I ever got a man that I not only loved but who could, um, rock my socks? hahaa! On, like, a regular basis. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

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      1. I had to go back and re read for perspective. I could still see this as your POV but there’s something more heartaching in it being there’s.
        You have a truly kind heart and a desire for love, it’s a travesty you haven’t found it yet. You’re a better person than most of the fools out there jumping from man to man, woman to woman. You’re just a genuinely amazing person and it’s not surprising they fall in love with with you, I just wish you could find some
        I look forward to seeing your eventual true love work. I know it’ll come.
        I knew it would never work between us, I can barely pebble a girls socks let alone rock them. I hope you find your loving sock rocker soon!!! ❤😊


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