In My Dreams, a poem by Drem

In My Dreams was originally written by me Sept 24, 2010 and called Dear [my real name here].

I rewrote it August 3, 2016

In My Dreams, a poem by Drem


So, sit down.

Let your eyes blur and tear

from the chemicals

you poured into them


Loosen the grip

of this page

as you trip

into sleep-

into a world

where you don’t have to be


See, when you sleep,

it’s quite lovely

for you.

You’re suddenly something

to someone,

even if it’s just in a head.

You’re something

to a figment,

but at least it’s something.

And you feel things.

Fear and such.

And build memories

that are far better

than the ones you have in real life.

You go

with an overflowing heart

through the things

you always wanted to do

and can’t do.

You’re not sitting, you’re running

through all life’s possibilities

that you can’t live


You feel the ache in your legs,

and it’s wonderful.

And you’re not singing,

you’re crying

while smiling

over the world you can see now.

It’s wonderful.

You suddenly exist

and matter

and it’s wonderful.

You’re without pain.

It’s wonderful.

You’re who you want to be-

you’re beautiful.

You’re not tied to pain meds-

you’re in control

of how you live

and how you move

from one room

to another.

…The breathing comes suddenly easy.

So go to sleep.

Separate from the day.

Be who you dream to be.


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