Find Inspiration: Big Eyes Movement

So Margaret Keane, talking ’50s-’70s, is the most well known “Big Eye” artist that has come along. Perhaps she kick started it all, but who really knows for sure. In any case, she blew up and she influenced a ton of other artists.


These are some of my favorites!





PS- I own two Miki lithographs. I’m not including them here because they are in my personal collection and I will be posting them eventually under the My Collection category.

Igor Pantuhoff


Sherle Wood




And finally….

Margaret Keane


8 thoughts on “Find Inspiration: Big Eyes Movement

  1. People particularly had these often in their bathrooms — smaller versions. My friend’s Mom comes to mind. Then, I remember the silhouette bathroom-y pictures, made just for that. It was an era before you, so it’s nice that you’ve taken it upon yourself to specialize in that time-frame, also. It’s kindof funny to think that our childhood stuff is kindof vintage for the younger set.

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