Danger Days, blog post by Drem


It’s 9AM and I haven’t slept.

Tripping again.

Been feeling painful depression now so I don’t want to sleep. And I’m not leaving the house.

And when I do sleep, I don’t want to wake up because I know I’ll feel like shit again.

I’m also angry that I’m feeling this way. I don’t have control over my depression. I upped one of my mood stabilizers for some relief. Shh.

I literally wake up and try to get as high as possible because I can’t be in my head. Inside outside. Inside outside. All bad. Whatever. I’ll get used to it again.



I had an idea to start a joint business with a friend of mine. I’m a personal collection art curator. She’s a certified antique appraiser. We can join forces and supply overpriced gas station signs to hipsters in Brooklyn.

It was just an idea. Probably won’t happen. First of all, one of us needs to learn to drive (I have a permit… but, like, nearly killed 3 people) and get a truck to transport pieces and get ahold of depression (me).


As for the gifs and the name of this post- I’m trying to get through Danger Days by My Chemical Romance (video below) for something to do. And I’m completely failing.

I don’t like it.

No, I don’t. Not even a little. I’ll stick to Bullets and 3 Cheers, thanks.





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