Music To Make You Feel A Little Less Crazy (5)


This is my last (I think) installment of my Music To Make You Feel A Little Less Crazy series I started awhile ago and then stopped continuing.

So, here are some songs that make me feel a little less crazy!




Loser by Beck off of their album Mellow Gold- 1994

Fun fact: I used to call into K-ROCK radio (NJ) every time this was on when I was a kid because I always forgot the name of this band.


Drugs or Me by Jimmy Eat World off of Futures- 2004

Fun Fact: I’ve seen them multiple times but they NEVER play this song. First time I saw them was in Giant’s Stadium (I think it was that stadium) out in NJ when they were opening for Greenday. I don’t like Greenday’s music. I actually just went for Jimmy Eat World. But, I will say Greenday is the #1 live band. I subsequently did a show review of Greenday (and saw them several other times… my mom was in love with Billie Joe) when I was an active journalist. Last was at Madison Square Garden.


Live version of Nothing Gets Crossed Out by Bright Eyes, 2011. Song made in 2002 off of Lifted or the Story In The Soil

Fun Fact: Conor Oberst is the best songwriter of my generation. I worked with their old label Saddle Creek extensively but never covered them. I also spent most of my adolescents in love with Conor Oberst. He writes a lot about mental illness, too. Look up his work. He’s in several bands.

Acoustic version of Shock & Awe by You, Me and Everyone we know.

Fun fact: This singer is amazing live. I went to do a photoshoot and show review of HelloGoodbye in NYC with my bestie and we both agreed this opening band killed it. Singer/songwriter deals a lot with substance abuse and writes about it honestly.

I’m Not Okay I Promise by My Chemical Romance, original video. (not glitzy- like actually them).

Fun fact: My first concert was Taste Of Chaos (2005) up in Poughkeepsie and I went for them! I went to 11 of their shows total all over the tri-state before Black Parade came out. I have a black rose that was on Gerard Way’s microphone from one of their stadium shows. Even flew to Florida for them. But, I only like their first two albums so no more once that came out.

I never worked with them but I did interview two bands off of Frank Iero’s short-lived label Skeleton Crew, and interviewed the rest of the bands that were on that first TOC tour- The Used, Saosin, A Static Lullaby, Senses Fail, Killswitch Engage. Subsequently covered Taste of Chaos 2007 in Asbury Park for the Used (FYI, 30 Seconds To Mars are assholes and Warner Bros are a bitch to work with).


Worms of the Earth by Finch off of What It is To Burn 2002

Fun fact: Try to make it through the first 20 seconds of screaming if you’re not into that style! It’s worth it! I couldn’t decide which track I wanted to include. They made a lot of great music in a short period of time (What It Is To Burn 2002, followed by Say Hello To Sunshine 2005). I never covered them professionally.

I remember once at a pre-Bamboozle concert where every band was under a fake name they showed up and I didn’t know they were going to be playing. I freaked out. It was literally them to my right and Armor For Sleep on my left and I was so torn… so, so torn. Ended up running to Finch since I knew they didn’t come around that often, compared to the other guys. Good thing because they ended up going on hiatus for a few years after that.  Also, my hair was 4 different colors- cotton candy pink, fishbowl blue, lavender lollipop, and scream green and I was wearing an aluminum trench coat. I was so cool that year. WTF happened?

Firefly’s Fully Alive, off of self-titled full length 2005

Fun fact: The first time I saw them was in Florida when they were opening for My Chemical Romance for a MTV special. I got to see them again in the Starland Ballroom back in NJ and I got the singer Leslie to sign my bass guitar.

I was a regular at Starland. This guy Scott, a concert promoter, and I would hang out with these two girl photographers I forgot the names of who were always around working the press areas.  I know the girls went off to Chicago for Tour Managing. Lost touch with them all, unfortunately.

Holding On To You by Twenty One Pilots off of Vessel 2013

Fun Fact: Really surprised music like this is being made right now- lyrically. They write a lot about living with mental illness. Ignore the Panic at the Disco-esque video and listen to the words. And I’m really happy Fueled by Ramen got them. I used to work with Fueled a lot (Fall Out Boy twice, Cobra Starship, Paramore, Gym Class Heroes, 3oh!3…). Great label.




The rest of the series:





11 thoughts on “Music To Make You Feel A Little Less Crazy (5)

  1. Oh this is a great selection. I completely agree with you on MCR, I think black parade is probably on of the greatest concept albums ever released.
    I’ve only recently started listening to music again, I’ve fallen back in love with my original childhood favourite band ‘Runrig’. Scottish Folk Rock, been around since the 70s many line up changes but really inspirational but grounded music. Kinda what I need right now I suppose.
    Love this list, this’ll be my Playlist for the next half hour, haha😄


    1. Black Parade isn’t their 2nd album. Their first album is You Brought Me Your Bullets, I Brought You My Love. I expect more from a cultured Scotsman. But, I suppose, if you aren’t from New Jersey you wouldn’t know of their first release off Eyeball- an indie label.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh now how tragic 😔 See this is what happens when you don’t actually listen to music. The first album released in the UK was three cheers so that’s where my count started. I’ll still argue as concept albums go black parade is fantastic. Thematically it’s a really impressive.
        Sadly I’m very uncultured when it comes to music, I come to you for culture. I am flattered you think I’m cultured, but it looks like I’ve disappointed another woman 😧 haha!!!
        Trust me it’ll still work, music and me have a very bad relationship so please don’t judge to ignorance too harshly…but if there’s anything I could ever do to make it up to you 😄


      2. Oh? I think I’m going to go into hiding for a few days then, lest I be exposed to your wrath! I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I fail with music but I’m really good at other stuff.


      3. …okay…I understand…😔…If you need time to get over my ignorant blunder you may take as much as you need. You have my eternal admiration and I’m heartbroken I’ve lost your wonderful respect.
        Could I interest you in a cake? or maybe a hand made apology card?

        Liked by 1 person

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