I Don’t Wish, a poem by Drem


I Don’t Wish, a poem by Drem

July 26, 2016

“I don’t wish nothing

because I know the answers.

God showed me the truth

back in 2012

when I saw my neighbors’ bodies

being pulled out of the swamps

3 days later

after Hurricane Sandy.

That’s when my cousin

lost her first baby.

I was already a decade

into self-harming.

I’ve lived one fuck of a life.

But that was when I knew

this wasn’t getting better.

I was in my early 20s

and already had my first inpatient

psych experience.

I was still a virgin.

But that made no difference.

I witnessed death.

I witnessed rape.

I witnessed how the government

is a fraud- against the people.

And how FEMA and the Red Cross

are foundations that take your money

to fund their lavish lifestyles.

So I wish for nothing.

I’ve seen it all.

I’ve traveled a lot, too.

And talked to loads of people.

We’re all stupid, and lonely

and fearful of change

and hungry for money

because money allows us

to pay rent on time.

And paying rent

on time

is very important.

And paying utilities

is also very important.

Since affordable housing

does not exist

our hunger is logical.

And I want it, too.

I need money to live.

I don’t need no wishes.

No Prince Charming.

No fancy wedding.

No pen and no cell phone.

People have these

and are still lonely.

And still homeless.

And still suicidal.

You are so flowery

with your words

you should open a bakery.

Keep wishing for daisies

and, if anything,

give me a good night’s sleep

and an alternate reality.”

(C) Drem 2016




13 thoughts on “I Don’t Wish, a poem by Drem

    1. I’m actually writing a poem right now about time 😛 i will later if i remember. if i don’t remember, it’s not because i don’t like you. i have a hard time remembering things.

      Liked by 1 person

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