We Are Too Hard On Ourselves, blog post by Drem


I am becoming less and less religious as of late, but this stuck with me throughout the years- and I remind myself of this when dealing with family members who refuse to accept my illness. Who refuse to accept my MS, my chronic pain, my depression, my PTSD from rape and my childhood abuse at the hand’s of my father.

The story is- when Jesus came upon a man on the side of the road suffering, even Jesus said to comfort the man. He didn’t say the man deserved it. He didn’t fault the man for whatever caused the incident. He didn’t interrogate him. Instead he said to give him drink- in the man’s last moments for comfort.


We are so hard on ourselves.

We deprive ourself rest.

We deprive ourselves of help.


I think we need to give ourselves a break.

Stop saying we deserve our suffering.

Stop blaming ourselves for what happened to us.

We should not let others question what we went through- interrogate us as criminals even though we are the victims.


Thoughts for my day.

Hope I can follow through with them.







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