My Collection: Original Sketch by d’Errico



So this is a little original sketch by Camilla d’Errico I purchased in 2015 at New York City Comic Con. It’s cute. I bought it because I have a Hello Kitty addiction.

d’Errico has a background in graphic novels/comic book illustration, as you can see.

Me (Drem) with Camilla d’Errico

It’s adorable and came with the frame!

d’Errico was really sweet in-person. Her whole team was. And I’m pretty sure she sold out of all her stuff.

I was hoping she’d have some limited editions available and colored sketches. I emailed her later on and she said next time she would and I should go. But I can’t because I’m not paying that much for Comic Con again, even though it was loads of fun and I met awesome people. My mom even geeked out over the screenwriters she got to meet behind our favorite science fiction shows. And I got so close to Robert Kirkman (creator of the Walking Dead) I almost died.








9 thoughts on “My Collection: Original Sketch by d’Errico

    1. Comic Con?
      Oh it’s amazing for people who love science fiction! It’s not just about anime and manga and cosplay. I got to test the pilots for all the upcoming science fiction shows on Syfy and even Fox, the CW etc. And i would be like, “that sucked” if something sucked and I would say why.
      I’m a huge sci-fi person. I go to Stargate Conventions, but never a Trek convention. I should go to a Trek convention. Nimoy died and I can’t miss Shatner. I am running out of time.


  1. Wow. Now I see why they love those conventions. I watched ST as a kid and adored Shatner and Kelly. I was very sad when Nimoy passed away. Did you know Shatner started an equine therapy program in Israel for kids that would benefit from it? I think that’s really sweet. Did you ever see the Psych episode about ComicCom with George Takeida? That was a good one. Stargate was good, but I only got on board too late, so never made a habit of it. What about scifi books? Do you like those? Like, Azimov? Toeffler? Stuff like that? I did a test group one time which piloted Everybody Hates Chris, which I said would be a hit (it was), and a bunch of boring cop shows, of which I never dug the genre, anyways, and said as much.


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