My Inspiration/ Collection: Garden of Earthly Delights


I purchased an over 4 ft long three panel reproduction of Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch at like 4:30AM in 2014. It’s ON CANVAS not a poster. WTF was I thinking? I think I was on Vicodin. Vicodin bolt buy. Oh Lord.
….. Good news, it is one of my favorite paintings ever & I used a 50% off coupon while sleep shopping so it was actually affordable. Thank God. OMG.
Paypal should have a lock function to prevent sleep shopping and greater mistakes from happening!


And please look closely. There are penises everywhere.




13 thoughts on “My Inspiration/ Collection: Garden of Earthly Delights

  1. Yes! This is definitely one of the paintings that inspired me when I was 14. Others include: Swans Reflecting Elephants by Salvador Dalí. The Crying Woman by Pablo Picasso, A Few Little Nips by Frida Kahlo and may by Peter Blake. Intend to blog about them all at some point.

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    1. It’s currently in my basement closet because it’s way too big and there are penises everywhere, which I never noticed until I had it in front of me blown up and it pointed out to me (I’m stupid when it comes to stuff like that). I can’t stick it in my living room or something. LOL

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      1. Maybe it’s more a bedroom piece, to inspire the lusts of admiring visitors. Haha.
        It’s very subtle, if you hadn’t said to look close I wouldn’t have noticed. I’m sure you’ll find somewhere great for it. I think we all have prints in closets just waiting for the right space to open up.


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