What inspires you??!?


I’ve been posting that I might be going on hiatus or killing off Drem altogether.

In any case, I want to put this up now for when I come back or if I feel like putting up more stuff.

Because two of my readers suggested great things to me directly (Randy with Peter Max and  Cameron with the animated film Storm) and one indirectly (South who blogged about the ’90s britpop band Pulp), I want to know…

What are some of your inspirations?

Music, art, film!?!?




This is the Inspiration section of my site: HERE.





6 thoughts on “What inspires you??!?

  1. So many things inspire me: Art exhibitions: leave me tingly and buzzing with creativity. Nature: corny I know but it actually does – if I get cabin fever a walk in the woods or by the sea does wonders. Movements: Hippy, Punk, New Romantics etc. are always a big inspiration. People: I learn things from others – old and young, past and present, all races, classes from all over the world. I love listening to other people’s honest opinions about things – I think the world is too bogged down about saying the right politically-correct thing at the moment – too busy trying not to offend – the online world is changing that (for the time being) – here people say what they bloody well want to say and you can click off or respond if you wish.

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  2. Inspiration, in general, is inspiring. Poetry can be, so reading other works, and going bingo, that gives me an idea… So, that means creating. Uplifting things. Some random lifestyle blogs, if they’re happy people. Getting out into nature is good. It can be immediately uplifting. Your followers are increasing well. I’ve seen other peoples go up and up, and it’s so exponential — more begets even more.

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  3. YOU inspire me! Here are things which help me feel better: Kirkland Signature (Costco’s brand) Daily Multi Vitamins & Minerals with lycopene and lutein (This is the only vitamin I’ve actually ever literally felt working, other than Andersen’s stress tabs, which I can’t find, anymore). Mackerel (its high in Omegas 3 and 6, I believe): I swear, it immediately made me feel happy, better, and healthy, and flexible. I know you have traumatic residual feelings cause of your Dad with that. I hope maybe you’ll let fish help you get over that and help you feel better. Behavioral therapy helps with fears. It helped me when I was “made” to go to a place that had been suicide-bombed (I was NOT going to go to that place) in Israel. It really helped. Otherwise, I would’ve developed deep-seated trauma. I don’t love the taste of mackerel, but it’s now worth it to me, for the benefits. Borscht (cold beet soup). Buy 2 large real beets and wash. Cook in water. Skin and dice back into pot. Cool. Add sour cream. I feel it going into my cells. Don’t love taste, but it’s healthy and helpful. Cook things. Discover new food combos. It’s neat when something works out and gives you a sense of accomplishment; plus, you now have dishes to make yourself. I was actually thinking about making exactly this comment as a post to let people know. Now I think I definitely will! All because of you! Thanks for the inspiration Drem, and I hope these ideas might help you, too. I really do. I hope you’ll try them.

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  4. Honestly, I don’t know what inspires me anymore. This is one of the reasons I began my blog – some attempt to find something to keep me going. I’m in a constant struggle with myself and the moments of inspiration are quelled by my own self-doubts…

    And I have “killed-off” so many blogs, that I now think it’s par for the course, for me. I get it…sometimes you just feel trapped in this world of blogging and that it tends to inhibit your thoughts and creativity. But, might I suggest, that rather than “killing it”, maybe take some time away (if that’s what you need) and when you come back, at least your previous creativity is not lost.

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