… yeah

I don’t see a point in pushing my pen when nobody

hears me but my head.



Thinking about killing off Drem. It won’t be dramatic. Not like a soap opera murder.

She’ll just disappear.




18 thoughts on “… yeah

    1. i have a bunch of scheduled pieces that will still go out over the next week automatically.
      I just don’t see a point in producing work any more.
      my friend said i should take a break, but i rather just cut the cord.


    1. I don’t do positive 😛
      I never have. It’s typically not my style.

      I just am at a point where I’m not really moving forward. I don’t know how to advertise without spending money. I opened Drem an Instagram which is doing fine but not bringing people back here. I have a Tumblr for her as well, but it never went anywhere. My river turned into a pond.

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      1. I have a wonderful husband and daughter – so it must be all down to LOVE. I haven’t always been happy I went through very depressed teen years with a mother who had no love for me and made me feel worthless. I often felt suicidal but so glad I stuck it out – life couldn’t be better now.

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      2. I hope one day I am as happy as you are. Or even half as much.
        My mom says she had struggles around my age too. It just seems that I’ve been undergoing so much abuse since I was quite young, and then with my serious physical illnesses- everything keeps snowballing and getting worse. I do have my good days and am so thankful for the fantastic people in my life (who are there but I don’t write about) and I am proud that I was able to escape from two men, once when I was 15 and again at 23, who were doing bad things. Very bad things. I had the strength to save myself. But now I am dealing with the scars that get deeper and deeper with age.

        I just want to be happy more often. And sleep. And feel safe. And feel important.

        I’m sorry if I’m rambling. I haven’t slept and am just dealing with a lot right now.

        Anyway, thanks for being a virtual friend to me and keeping me company on nights like this over the past- well it’s been about 8 months since I started Drem (:

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      3. Take care. You are talented and strong – believe in yourself. Do have a break, but please leave your blog open. When you come back to see it you’ll probably find someone has searched your subject and written notes.

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  1. NO!!!!!!
    I forbid you from leaving.
    Whatever you need just remember there are people here that love your work and care about what you say, but we also love and care about you. Hiatus is fine but no going forever you’ll be terribly missed

    (btw the bullshit gif is that from Tim Minchin’s ‘Storm’)


    1. Now i need to look up this mysterious Minchin person. i love it.

      i have a week or so worth of scheduled pieces already going out and then i’ll just quietly slip away into the sea.
      im not writing this for attention. just on my mind.
      so if i go afk, u know why.


      1. Seriously you’ve never seen this! Oh my dear youre in for a treat. I was listening to some of his stuff on the way home from work and then I see that gif and it has to be from storm it’s the exact words.
        Well it’s about time I exposed you to something. Look up ‘Prejudice’, it’s from the same album it’s really fun.

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    1. i have a bunch of scheduled posts. over a week’s worth so they will still pop up.
      i dunno. if things change ill stay around.
      I’m really tired.


  2. Lost a post, again… You could spread out further what you do come up with, so that they extend time for you between. Anyways, this blog is for you; we’re just here to applaud what you choose to share.


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