My Collection: Beyond The Rainbow by d’Errico


This was a free edition I purchased from Camilla d’Errico called Beyond the Rainbow last year at 2015 NY Comic Con.

I was absolutely in love with this. Gore beauty pop surrealism.

And then, after having it in my room and closely examining it, the proportions are so off that that is now all I see.

The girl’s hair is just flowing like she’s underwater and yet the blood flows downwards. The depth of her chest is painfully too thin. Her arm’s are in a weird position that is really hard to contort myself in with the correct arm length  (I actually tired a few times to replicate it exactly… I have too much time on my hands).

Anyone else see what I see?




14 thoughts on “My Collection: Beyond The Rainbow by d’Errico

      1. No. It’s just out of proportion.
        I’m getting a bullet wound tattoo with rainbow blood pouring out if it (similar to that in the photo) on my arm. The piece partially inspired that. But, the main issue I have with it is its chest cavity being so unrealistic.

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    1. I have two more prints that aren’t as OMG YOU SHOULD GO TO ART SCHOOL. The sketch is just a headshot but it’s cute and came with a frame. It will be posted probably next week or the week after. I need to scan it in because it’s not on her website or anything. It’s one of a kind.

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    1. look at the width of her body and the width of the whole in her chest. Just keep look. And then her arms. I just, omg.

      Meanwhile, I kept it and it’s in the best spot in my room mainly because it disturbs people. Most of my art disturbs people because it’s ugly beautiful.

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      1. It is an incredible piece. I think her left elbow is lowerr than her right too. The whole in her chest is massive. I actually really love it.


      2. Keep staring and it and it might start driving you crazy. I’m telling u- this was my favorite piece I had in my whole collection. Eight months later and i’m like- omg i can draw better. lol

        but the concept itself and the color palette is spot on ❤

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