(Most) Blog Awards Are Bullshit & Not About Your Content (w/ video)

Above is a video I made on my issues with the vast majority of “Blog Awards” advertised on WordPress.

The video is not directed at a particular blog or blog award, past or present.

I made this video on a whim so it’s a bit all over the place. However, I think it gives a better idea of what I’m trying to say compared to the summary. If you don’t want to watch the video, you can read the summary below which I tried to organize in a sensical fashion.

In summary:

  • The blog award giver’s main purpose is self-promotion. It is not about your work.
    • Example 1: You must have the award image linked to their site on your front page.
    • Example 2: You must nominate other people (which directs them back to the original blog awarder’s blog.)
    • Example 3: The list of personal details given (which is an invasion of privacy, more on this later) can all be read if wanted to be revealed on the About Me page of any site. Instead of just going to your site to analyze your work and read your work, you have to fill it in. Creator isn’t reading your content.
    • Example 4: There is no collection of post submissions. Rather, it’s general and no one can read a whole blog. Tis why one should request key posts to be submitted-  but no one does that.
    • Example 5: There are no specific blog type requirements. How can one judge a beauty blog next to a blog on living with Lupus or a blog about pop music? It’s too broad.
    • Example 5: Instead of doing their own research, a blog award giver requires you to find a certain random number of blogs to nominate- linking back to the blog award creator’s site. This also has nothing to do with your own content.
  • By revealing personal details about yourself it leaves you vulnerable to stalkers (which I didn’t mention) and many writers wish to stay anonymous for a reason. This shouldn’t disqualify you or even have any baring on a content based award.
    • What stays on the web lasts forever. If you didn’t want to reveal certain information before on your About Me, question why you are so willing to do so now.
    • None of your personal details should be held for or against you if the award is truly content based, thus not even asked.
  • Be cautious when promoting whoever nominated you because tomorrow that person can post very inappropriate/illegal things on their website and it is a reflection on you that you promoted them.
    • Who nominated you, by the way, doesn’t have to do with your content.

9 thoughts on “(Most) Blog Awards Are Bullshit & Not About Your Content (w/ video)

  1. I had a very rose tinted view of these awards and you covered it I really liked the community part. I’ve only done one myself but have been nominated for more.
    I’ve never thought about the info implications but I’m extremely heart on my sleeve open the only thing that I don’t share online is nudity because trust me noone wants to see that. I have become jaded because of the amount of these awards the repetition the self service and the fact that they really mean nothing but to the creators. Honestly I just ignore these things now but it’s so nice to get your perspective and find myself agreeing with everything.
    You should do more editorials to camera. I personally love the rambling but that’s cause it reminds me of…well…me 😄

    Your hair is very pretty, you suit it, it’s very summer hair all flowing and golden. You made me laugh describing it.

    Oh and the snowdon bit was adorable and hilarious, I was properly laughing out loud.

    Great video and great post
    (btw you’re not a cunt)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Snowden is sex on legs.
      Ty for complimenting my hair. I want more of it now. It’s fun, but very heavy and it’s not great to have in this terrible heat wave. Beauty before comfort, nonetheless!

      and yes i am and i love it because i rather be that than a fucking dormat that conforms to misogynist views on women.
      ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll take your word for it, Snowden is too male for my tastes 😉
        It must be a nightmare in a heatwave, I hate mine when it gets humid and its nothing compared to yours. Although mine is still prettier 😄
        I’m going to continue to argue we need a better word. To be fair though you do say it with a cheeky smile so I might have to let you win.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting views, Drem. I write for my self and read things from people that I have found over the years. I have followers and follow people. Sometimes I comment on works – sometimes I just read. I ‘don’t’ criticise and I ‘only critique’ a few works by a few people that I have grown to know well.

    I don’t write for awards (and rarely get offered any – though my ‘hidden gem’ nomination was ironically pleasing) and I think of my posts as a diary for my future perusal and the writing of ideas that may be used in the future.

    It is good to praise somebody’s words if they deserve such praise, or encourage good efforts. I appreciate kind words or helpful criticisms, most people seem to ‘like’ and move on, which is not a problem.

    This is quite random and just a few thoughts from my mind. I love writing and write mainly for writng’s sake – I am not out to win awards and have politely declined the couple I have been offered.

    Which is just me saying live and let live; be nice and encouraging; and build up writing relationships as you feel fit.

    But, write what you feel and feel what you write. Then do it all again.

    I do tend to be quite random, so please excuse the lack of structure.


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    1. Hi,
      The point of this post was to share what others may not realize- the fact that (most of) these awards are not content based and can be an invasion to one’s privacy, besides other things. I never said not to play along and not to nominate 20,000 people and not be part of the never ending chain of feeders to the Blog Award Creator’s main page. This was made as food for thought for the fish who follow it.

      There are a lot of other bloggers who do not participate in Blog Awards for these reasons. They usually have it in their About Me. I forgot where I had mine written. I don’t think it’s in my About Me any more.

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  3. I get your point but I actually go into detail with and research who I nominate. I don’t know what another Bloggers agenda is but my Blog and when I accept an award -and nominate . I make sure I promote who I actually believe in. My judgements may or may not wrong. You do make some credible points. Just saying how I think.

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