You’re All Rushing To Nowhere, Kids- a poem by Drem

There are a bunch of poems I wrote on June 9th. However, I can’t find them on here besides one. So, I don’t know if I posted them or not. I could have forgotten. Or, they could have been somehow deleted. Or,  misplaced. Who the fuck knows. I don’t. I’m in a cloud of uneven serotonin and dopamine and depression is a bitch and I like being gone.


Anyway, here is something I know I definitely did not post. Because, I remember saying “I don’t post this one yet.”

You’re All Rushing To Nowhere, Kid- a poem by Drem

Written June 9, 2016

“I’m up high

and the people look like little pins.

Walking and pacing and smoking

and jogging with their cellphones in their hands

and with their headphones on

listening to others talking

instead of their own thoughts.

Everyone’s rushing.

But, I don’t know where they think they’re going exactly.

And I don’t think they really know either.

Know anything but that

they aren’t going fast enough

to keep up with the taxi cabs

and SUVS

on the highway beside them.

And I don’t see their point

in rushing, really.

Maybe they don’t know

we’re all going to die.

They seem to have forgotten

to remember to feel

the air in their lungs

or the wind brush through their hair.

Or maybe they actually think

they can out run the end.

Those silly little pins,

in all different colors,

of all different races,

with different occupations

running the hell away from death.

Silly, silly…

We’re all going to die…”

(C) Drem 2016

7 thoughts on “You’re All Rushing To Nowhere, Kids- a poem by Drem

    1. Thanks Daisy!!! Gonna start posting more poems- the horde of my June 9th- in the coming days.
      I wrote this when I was in the hospital overlooking all the people. They did look like pins! And they were all rushing around while I was stuck in a room lol.
      Who knows is right (:

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well that is it . WOW! I would never have thought you would be writing this when you were not well in hospital. Such vision. It comes across like you have an Arial view of a bird in the sky. Yes, please carry on with more poetry too. This is wonderful x


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