(removed image and original write-up) Oil by Meg Azzoni

My post about Meg Azzoni has been removed after she contacted me on my personal IRL email address. Why?

  1. She did not approve of what I wrote about the painting I now own. I said something inaccurate about a 4 year old conversation. There were probably inaccuracies and I regret having posted those inaccuracies.
  2. She rightly pointed out I do not own many of her paintings. I counted and there are 3. My bad. I have a lot of art and sometimes I confuse the painters. My apologies, readers. I only own 3 paintings by Meg Azzoni. AND, as she mentioned, only two of them contain oceans.
  3. Also, the art walk was a different art walk. One is held like twice, the other four x a year or something. Blahblah. There are several events in the boroughs that are pretty much the same or have similar names, many of which the same artists sell from, that I used to go frequent years ago.
  4. Something about copyright even though I own the painting now and took the picture myself…. things you learn.
  5. She wanted to buy it back after she saw my post even though it was a positive (non-critical) post. At that point that was enough. So, yeah.


Sorry for the original post, kids.

No bad blood wanted.


All love & xoxo,




(PS look up “all love” and justin bieber to lol)

13 thoughts on “(removed image and original write-up) Oil by Meg Azzoni

    1. Yes. I think that is what the surfers represent on the waves. All the waves she did in the series featured surfers instead of, like, dead bodies (she doesn’t do morbid stuff like I do).

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    1. Yeah, but this was made waaaay later and, like I said, inspired by the tsunami.

      She did publish a book of letters between her and John. I think it’s on Amazon.


  1. Oh this is really nice. I love the vibrancy…but yeah that sort of quality packs quite the cost.
    I actually love how adorable this post reads. I really enjoy reading about your art loves, it makes me smile so much. Plus you introduce me to awesome things 😄

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      1. I love all the artist highlight posts you publish, it’s a world I don’t know so it’s always a delight to see the pretty things and read about your personal attachment …or maybe it’s you just have great taste.
        Even half asleep you’re brimming with talent…I don’t like you. Ahaha!!! 😉
        Awww, that meowing hello has actually made my day, I really needed that. Please meow back for me 😸😊

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    1. 🙂 I need to either find a picture the artist took of it online or snap one myself in good lighting. I don’t keep them in direct sunlight… so that has been an issue. I will try to post more soon! ❤

      btw, this whole time I thought you were from South Hampton in Long Island, NY. I only found out you're from the UK the other day! I was like- omg!

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