My Photography: Gray Sky, Lavender Water

Another overcast morning. How I do love them. Having not yet slept, walking like a zombie with one hand scrolling through folk music and the other hand holding my mj. Stumbling my way over to the pier. Going too close to the edge.

I know I post a lot of these pier shots. But I love this one in particular because the sky looks so gray and the water looks lavender and the gray old pier looks eggplant.

I don’t remember much else about that morning. I do know I eventually made it home. And no one came around and bothered me. I was all alone. Just me and the water and the cement. Oh, and Tom. That is Tom the seagull. I don’t know where Fred was. Maybe going out to try to catch a fish. Who knows with him. He doesn’t talk much to me. We are friends, but like, not besties.





Gray Sky, Lavender Water

by Drem


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