Sadness Or Depression? And MS… Give me a break!- blog update



Hey everyone,

There was a sudden death in the family- like no warning.  Was just talking to her. Then dead. My lesions are active (I have multiple sclerosis) and lost about 60% use of the left side of my body.  I’ll probably be in the hospital Monday because my MS is back fucking me in the ass. And a bunch of other things are going on that would make any normal, rational person completely freak the fuck out and be overwhelmed.  I am trying to go out and do stuff but I’m just fucking done with all this stuff. It’s too much.

So, I may be slower and replying and posting less or not at all on some days. Coming up with 3 posts a day is a lot for me, especially now. Anything you see is pre-scheduled posts.

Also, I feel really, really sad. But not a normal sad. Not a grief sad. It’s an empty sad. A no light sad. A no direction sad. A no hope sad. I’ve experienced depression (which shares these characteristics, ik) and have that nearly every day. And I know morning depression and painful depression all too well. Perhaps this sadness, which is different and more severe than any other “sadness” is actually a new form of depression I’ve never experienced before. It is also accompanied by shaking in my stomach and back. I keep trembling. So it’s like sad/anxiety. I took a synthetic peach and smoked my medical cannabis all day. Nothing at all helped alleviate anything.


Give me a break.

Give me a break.

Break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat Bar.








13 thoughts on “Sadness Or Depression? And MS… Give me a break!- blog update

      1. im not wee.

        but my friend did give me two margaret keane 1962 lithographs in their original frames for free. so today is hell but i have two new pieces. i just need to get them restored. i like art. art makes me a little happy.

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      2. Don’t go harshing my Scottishness young lady (don’t argue with me 😉)
        Oh wow, I just done a quick Google on her, i very much approve, i like her style. Your quite the lucky wee thing getting those You’ll have to post them at one point. Enjoy them and cast your big eyes lovingly upon them and let happiness flow over you if just for a moment.


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