My Photography: A Message To The Projects

everygreataccomplisment.photoquote (1)everygreataccomplisment.photoquote (2)


So I was coming back from a job I was working some time last year.

I saw the oddest thing- the owner of this store replaced the name of his or her establishment with the quote you see above which reads, “Every Great Accomplishment Is At First Impossible”.

I was taken aback. That’s not what people do. They advertise everything in big bright letters. Neon. ON SALE.  and OPEN NOW. and SHOP HERE etc.

Someone, instead, thought of others.

This little message is for the neighborhood- a neighborhood close to one of our many Housing Projects here where drugs are rampant, broken families are the norm, kids have babies and unemployment is high.

It brought a smile to my face thinking of our youth reading this walking by and perhaps finding a source of strength and hope. It certainly changed my day.





 A Message To The Projects

Photograph by Drem




6 thoughts on “My Photography: A Message To The Projects

    1. me too! it would be lovely to see more of this here in NYC where there has been a lot of news of police brutality and such. People don’t trust the system, and feel the system is against them. From corporations to state personnel- even elected personnel. Heck, we had a guy elected here and it was all over the news- even Jon Stewart made fun of it!- that immediately went to jail after being elected. Like, immediately. The world is really crazy, South.

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      1. I bet you saw the show then. It was on Michael Grimm. He also made threats to journalists before he was even elected and he still got elected. He was being investigated before he was elected and he was still elected.


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