What Depression Takes, a quote by Drem

I try to explain this emptiness to people. But, I don’t think it’s ever possible to comprehend unless one feels it themselves. It’s a total absence of light. Of direction. Of anything.

13 thoughts on “What Depression Takes, a quote by Drem

      1. it’s the internet. we’re all dogs. it doesn’t matter.

        my blog focuses on invisible illnesses- physical and mental. it also covers domestic abuse and sexual assault, besides other depressing topics. the goal is to connect with people and remove the stigma.

        i frankly don’t know why you would bring this up and what you are going on about.

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      1. Clarification- by writing your link in manually, it came off “spammy”.

        Which is not good as a blogger. Self-advertisement without any relation to what was posted on my page. No context.

        For example: “Hey I like blahblahblah. Weird I wrote something like this. We have similar blog subjects. Gonna follow you. Stop by sometime.” <- Not spammy.

        If you don't get that you self-advertised and it's a general turnoff especially since your link is so easily clickable if I did want to go to your page, it's okay.


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