Almost There To The Salty Seas, photograph by Drem

Do you see how dangerous this pier looks?
That’s because it is dangerous. Very dangerous. And I’m not supposed to be on it.


I go at dawn when no one is around. Feel the ocean spray against my face. Smell the salt and watch the tiny fish frantically swim around dodging Fred (Fred is the one in the picture) and Tom, the seagulls.


If I slip off, I slip off. If I go that way, I go that way. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. At least I’d go with my mind in a state of peace. To be honest, it’s tempted me a few times. But not in a suicidal way. More of an adventurous way. To pretend I’m a mermaid. I always liked mermaids. My first birthday was Ariel themed. ❤


Of note: I’m afraid of the oceans, particularly the Atlantic, because of Hurricane Sandy. I’m afraid unless I’m alone and in danger of dying on that pier. That makes no sense because I make no sense… Hmm, well now I suppose I am not afraid in moments like this because, beside the quiet, I’m usually high as a kite. Yes, being high has probably the most to do with it. Mellow yellow medical cannabis, ftw!


Also, isn’t it amazing what a cellphone can capture?!






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5 thoughts on “Almost There To The Salty Seas, photograph by Drem

    1. im not always getting a notification if you post. just letting u know I’m not ignoring you.

      and thanks! i try to take interesting ones. most i post i took on my phone. i don’t carry a fancy camera around with me. my older fancy camera i used when i was a photographer is annoying to wear around my neck and can make my neck a bit irritated.


  1. It has an old-fashioned feel to it; its really nice.

    Thanks for letting me know about the spam. I’ve been in touch with Akismet, again, over several days, and they’re trying to see what’s going on.

    Thanks for responding each time. It’s really nice of you.

    Liked by 1 person

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