My Inspiration: La Danse Macabre by Garcia

Daily dose of inspiration!

All images are from Camille Rose Garcia’s 2014 show, La Danse Macabre.


Camille is a Mexican-American Los Angeles, California native who incorporates surrealism, pop-surrealism, fantasy and seductive whimsy into her array of paintings, prints, clothing, book illustrations and toy designs.


I like to think of her work in this particular collection, La Danse Macabre,  as ugly pretty. Snow White on acid running through the Dark Forest (and she does Disney inspired work, so that makes sense!). Trippy, bright, loud- like a secret door you just opened where everything is a bit off and a bit sick and a bit gross and a bit beautiful all at once.


You can read more about her on her website, Camille Rose Garcia!








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