A Comment on the Very Very Fake Beauty Blogs

RANT BELOW! I’m having a day and feel like complaining.



And they’re just as empty

and hollow

as me.


Some people follow me with a Follow4Follow in mind.


I usually go along and follow back without checking the content of their blog.


This isn’t a good way to go about it because suddenly pornographic images show up in my Followed Sites Reader and, quite frankly, I’m a prude and find it gross as fuck. Especially bondage things… even though I’m not against BDSM. It’s just, like, I don’t want it there unless I’m purposely searching for it on Google.


Follow4Follow is also not a great idea because of the dreaded fake as fuck BEAUTY BLOGS.


To be clear, I love makeup. I danced for 10 years (new secret revealed! This was before I got sick) and whenever I had to perform I got dolled up. When I had a YouTube show as a teenager (thanks 4Chan for trolling the fuck out of me) I slathered my face and glowed like a mutafuckin phoenix.


However, the Beauty Blogs that I see, by and large, are so full of shit. These bloggers create the most heavily edited Instagram (think Kardashian level. More Courtney because she is into health and fitness), tweet everything like they discovered the secret of youth- POMEGRANATE JUICE (or insert any juice, cleanse, etc) and use Pinterest like it’s the actual real life Garden of Eden and totally attainable.


More on Pinterest- Am I the only one who hates Pinterest? Okay, I don’t full on hate it. It’s useful for planning themed parties (which I love!) and themed weddings (… jaded) and finding cool tattoos (I like tattoos). But, Pinterest makes everything look so lovely. So edited. So fake.


Now some beauty bloggers do great reviews on makeup I would have otherwise purchased. And some offer really interesting takes on trends. And some try to boost your self-confidence somehow in-between giving you ways to change everything about yourself.


But the other bloggers with their personas- obvious 3 inches of caked up makeup, dreaded shaded Instagram brows and directions to the Fountain of Youth (they are better explorers than León!), follow me for a Follow4Follow. And, just, no.



If they took the time to read what I actually do, they wouldn’t bother with the Follow. My blog is the antithesis of propagating falsehood- I’m a shitty biographical trauma poet.



Thank you.





PS  I also just puked. I still can’t eat because of my depression.

49 thoughts on “A Comment on the Very Very Fake Beauty Blogs

  1. It’s good you checkout a blog before you follow. And besides you should only follow those with the same interest as you and not just because they followed you. That’s how you can avoid things like this.

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      1. Lol no I didn’t unfollow you :). Besides you were only pouring out your mind against something I know really happens. You just don’t have to follow people out of sentiment. You don’t sound anyhow.

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    1. Also, I’m having a similar issue with the eating & puking. This is new to me, wasn’t sure what was happening, but the depression has gotten worse this week so it rings a bell with me. Sending hugs my girl x

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      1. Hugs hugs beautiful! Fuck those fake ass bitches on Insta 😛
        I’m posting a whole thing about the depression manifesting itself physically by not keeping food down thing tomorrow morning. It’s killing me, as the depression swings on in and out of my life. It started for me I guess in early June. I’m sorry it’s now with you. It completely sucks.

        You are not alone. Just know you aren’t alone.
        And I’m always around if you wanna talk… with a pale to puke in xD


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      2. Yes, fuck them! For so long I compared myself to that (Ew!) And it’s done a lot of damage. But I’m working on it, your post reminded me of how unrealistic that all is and that I’m fine as I am, damn it! Oh I will definitely be back to read that post. It’s been about 2 weeks for me, I usually binge eat until I throw up, but in the last week or so; 2 meals a day and I’m puking. I’m sorry you’re going through it too. I’m having an awful day (loneliness has settled in today) and it’s so so nice & helpful to be reminded that I’m not alone. As much as I hate that others are going through similar issues. You are not alone either! And I’m always around too, if you ever need. I think I will take you up on that now & then. Really love your writing & honesty. Thanks beautiful xxx


      3. I’m almost tempted to say that the Kardashians have done more harm to the world or at least an equal amount as those brainwashing cults that live in the mountains because the Kardashians- their brand/personas- are brainwashing our youth. It’s dreadful ):

        I wish I was doing 2 meals!
        I just took two spoons of rice. Let’s see what happens…
        Do you have a desire to eat? Like, I lost my desire now.

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      4. I fucking hate the Kardashians with passion! I don’t like to say I hate things either. But they’ve created a whole stupid & harmful culture. And I can’t believe how much/many people are obsessed with them. Its sad,so sad. No, I’ve lost the desire to eat – I wake up and want my usual breakfast (oatibix with blueberries and almond milk) but that’s all I’m tempted to eat at the moment. Once I start to eat it I feel like I’m forcing myself to finish. I live with my mum who loves to cook and worries about my eating habits so she’s kinda forcing me to have that second meal. Bleurgh

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      5. i live with my mom too, atm. but she has learned to just leave me alone, i suppose. I’m pretty sure I’m older than you. so i think that’s why. and i also get snappy. but hey- she made me rice which was awfully nice.

        we don’t have oatibix here but i know what it is because i have family in ireland. i never had it myself. it looked scary.


      6. I’m 28, you? I don’t know; my mum is very South American – we will be having the same conversations when I’m 50 ha ha. I get snappy too, but yeah she usually wins. That’s nice that she did that for you, do you have a good relationship? Oh right yeah, sorry I forget that the stuff I have is not everywhere. Doh. I used to hate it, my brother got me into it 🙂


      7. I’m on the wrong side of my 20s, like you. )’:

        Our relationship is… difficult. Because I’m sick, mainly. I don’t think you’ve been around too long. But the anxiety and depression has always been secondary and only happened more recently. At least, the severity of it has only come up in the past few years. I’m on and off chemo. It’s annoying.

        Is that those brick wheat things you put milk on?

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      8. Oh I don’t know, I am quite looking forward to leaving my 20’s. I feel so ready to move on from them. I’m sorry, that sounds extremely difficult. It must make depression even more severe I’d imagine. That is so tough, I’m so sorry. If you ever want to talk, I’m here, on Twitter or instagram! And yes, It is the brick wheat things.

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    1. as of now, it’s down. but, I’m having really bad sharp stomach pain. o.O wtf is going on. i do not know. like a stabbing feeling in my abdomen. owowow

      not complaining. just weirded out at the moment. and typing at the same time to get my mind off it. because all that’s on tv is of course the Kardashians. ahhaaa

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      1. Oh I’ve had that pain! If it’s the same thing I think it is, mine was because I took tablets and didn’t eat… took a little while to calm down. Oh I’m sorry my girl 😦 I found a silly, feelgood movie helped a little. Pitch Perfect was my pick at the time ha ha

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      2. i saw the first one but not the recent ones. I’m listening to music. But it’s starting to depress me because a love song just came on. Fucking hate love songs. hahaaaa


      3. I saw the second one too, didn’t like it. Only the first one works for me. Music is an issue for me too at the moment, I used to listen to music 24/7. Couldn’t live the house without my headphones! Now it all depresses me. It just reminds me of when I actually enjoyed it. It’s very odd. Love songs especially! Ick.

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  2. I don’t do follow4 a follow or these beauty what nots because it is all fake as you say. I prefer to know who I am following and keep up with the blogs I do follow. Quality over Quantity. I’m not denying that it isn’t awesome to have new people following my blog but I would rather it be more genuine, if that makes sense? I had a terrible porn experience. I was doing my shout outs and this porn site that had followed me popped up . I was like. I am so not shouting this out. It was really creepy.

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  3. This is so true! Some girls look so crazy different without makeup. I try not to let it get to that level. I think it becomes a huge issue when people start thinking they HAVE to put on that amount of makeup to look decent.

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    1. I know a family (a mother and two daughters) who actually go to bed with a face full of makeup just incase the house goes on fire and they need to escape and thus go outside! I saw the mom once when she didn’t have makeup and she looked so different- she actually looked ill to me. I was like, ‘oh my god! are you okay? what happened!?!?’


    2. i went to your page. i have a bunch of great products i use when i’m on chemo. if u want my list i’d be more than happy to share it with you. we can do a collab or something.


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