My Inspiration: Peter Max

My Inspiration is a series on different types of creative expressions that may inspire you in your artistic endeavors. This My Inspiration was suggested by one of my readers, so here I go.

Peter Max is a counter-culture “psychedelic” artist who became prominent in the 1960s and 1970s after moving to Brooklyn, a borough of New York. New York is more readily accepting of non-typical, what I call fringe, art. Everyone came here for that reason (probably less now. Last time I was in the Village it was a terrible site to see). That’s why we have so many non-traditional portraitures, sculptors and such. People who experiment. Who do things differently. We like that. I like that.


And according to Wikipedia, a site never to be trusted let alone cited, Max even painted Tay-tay (Taylor Swift). So, this Max guy is still kicking while living out his golden years!


Now, as clearly Tay-tay has done, enjoy the rich colors. Sniff the cornucopia amounts of cannabis through your computer screen that surely was in his apartment. And pretend you’re on ‘shrooms. Cause this is the closest you’re going to get to those things without actually taking the illegal substances. Enjoy the ride!





PS Funny story- my grandma had an original of his. Didn’t like it. Threw it out. Had no idea he was this famous guy 50 years later. Thanks grandma. Could have bought a car. /-: lol!



2 thoughts on “My Inspiration: Peter Max

  1. Thank you, Drem! This was an awesome look at cool-cat Peter Max! Beautiful Elvis painting! It’s a shame to hear about The Village; it used to be really cool! I used to go to New York occasionally to visit relatives. A cool cousin took me to see Joan Jett at the BlueNote (I think it was), and I would buy records at Tower Records. Peoplewatching was the best pasttime there.

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    1. Wanna hear me be really lame? I’m too fucking young to remember the one in Noho and I never bought physical records (even then) so there was no point on entering. I’m reading an article on it now.
      But what they replaced it with- that MLB thing- i don’t think it’s open any more. And if it is, nobody goes in it. It’s a weird place. I guess if you’re a sports fan you inquire what it is. There is this scanning thing on the outside you can use to find out info. I never bothered scanning it.

      OMG bluenote is open! But I never been. Hate Jazz. Now I wanna go.

      I used to go to CBGB xD That’s more my style. Now I’m depressed because they gutted it.
      RIP CBGB


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