Redoing main page (help?), blog update

I can’t sleep and I wanted to make my site more interesting looking.

If you didn’t see my last one, it was the same color scheme but no sidebar, and no images on top- just color blocked. It also had like 1 widget. Nothing fancy.

This one is filled with stuff.

I’m trying to figure out if I can make the sidebar a different color to not overwhelm a visitor.

It feels overwhelming to me but I’m also so used to seeing my page one way.

Let me know what you think!





PS The colors are significant to my poetry. I mostly write trauma poetry. I don’t want some flowers or something like that either. That’s why the little animated creature on top is puking… rainbows.


12 thoughts on “Redoing main page (help?), blog update

    1. Yay!
      Are you viewing on a computer or a phone?
      On my phone I think it looks good. On the computer it’s still overwhelming me.
      Do you remember how my other one was very plain?

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      1. I viewed on a computer. It looked great. I remember your other one. I would’ve called it simple elegance as I recall. I love both actually. I love what you’ve added to the sidebar. I don’t think we’re ever quite happy though. I still want to tweak mine from time to time.

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      2. Thank you for thinking this through. I was sort of panicking once I realized I changed everything and then realizing how drastic it is. (-: Your site looks fine. Don’t worry!

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    1. Yeah? Thanks!!!

      It is slowly starting to grow on me, especially when people say they like it- lol.

      I’m also changing my posting style. I’m doing a fuckton of collages and animated gifs to make it more glitzy. One guy said he liked one of my collages so I continued with them in my past couple of posts. It takes more time but it does make it prettier imo.


      Thanks for looking around!


      1. I love animated gifs. Your puking one is brilliant. I go through phases of thinking everything needs changing now & then, think we just look at our page so much we start picking at everything. But no, yours is great! Love it love it xxx

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