Let’s Swim Away, photograph and poem by Drem

This was my first day out after my last chemo treatment. I don’t usually write poems like this. Forgive me.


“I left at sunrise on an overcast morning.

Walking in my black hoodie and phone falling out of my pocket,

it must have been about 5:30 and 50°.

I didn’t tell my mother. I didn’t tell nobody.

I just went.

Listening to some Bright Eye’s album,

sleep deprived and delirious.

Thinking about Conor Oberst

and how I will never be a songwriter.

Or a great anything.

Scratched sunglasses on to be cool and to hide my bloodshot eyes.

 I walked over junkies and checked if they were breathing.

Kicked their shoe with my shoe.

Said, “Sup?”

They said, “Nothin.”

I continued.

And I passed joggers who had a cigarette in one hand and a business call in the other.

And I took a short break on a Catholic Church’s front cement steps.

I tried to get in but Mass wasn’t until 10.

Sunrise seemed to last forever so I took my time on the way, anyway,

And the colors in the sky were dull and just as depressing as my bedroom.

The beach was nothing special.

Nothing was something special.

And I thought that now would be as good time as any to finally swim away…”

(C)  Drem 2016


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