My Collection: It Looks Like Rain! Richelle original

Here is my second piece, titled It Looks Like Rain!, from Tara Richelle — a young Alabama artist I think I’m becoming a collector of. I purchased this as an add-on. I was in a really bad place and just wanted to smile. It was affordable so I figured- why not? It’s also the first piece I bought from any artist that came as a set- two 12×12 acrylic on canvas. I thought it might look nice framing the gold mirror I plan on putting over my vintage hand-painted dresser. It’s aqua with a coat of clear sparkles and custom crystal knobs. My aesthetic is weird so I have to do a lot of my own decorating of standard furniture.

The birds are sitting on what appears to be either the sky or the sea. I think they are a little confused! The sky the black birds look upon on the right is white instead of blue for a clear day or gray for a possible storm. Yet, “it looks like rain!” The rain are drips of teal, aqua, turquoise, and navy (my favorite colors). I have a soft spot for drips. I prefer them over raindrops, even though in my personal work I use raindrops instead of drips (some day you might see some of my work).

Again, much better in person. Matches the general color scheme in my personal collection- l lean towards blue, the color of hopelessness. This will end up in my bedroom.


Though not a mixed media piece, it definitely has depth and everyone who has come over to see it has spent time analyzing it. It’s not one of those look and walk away due to the whole sky or sea and confused birds situation. It’s a funny scene the more I think about it (:


It made me quite happy and I hope it brings a smile to your face as well!


In Summary

It Looks Like Rain!

by Tara Richelle


Acrylic on Canvas w/ Certificate of Authenticity




Tara Richelle is currently selling locally in Alabama and on her Etsy account, Taras Art House.

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