If The Wu-Tang Clan Can Get Out, I Can Get Out!, blog post by Drem

If the Wu-Tang Clan can get the fuck out of Staten Island,

why can’t I?

I had an epiphany.

And if it’s from a manic high, so be it!

And if it’s from the pills, so be it!

And if it’s from magic medical weed I’ve been smoking for the past 8 1/2 hours, so be it!


If the Wu-Tang Clan can get the fuck out of Staten Island and make a name for themselves, why can’t I?

They grew up near me. And they made it. They grew up on the same sidewalks. And they made it. They grew up with some of the same limitations of being from this (literal) dump of a  (non-literal) shithole. And they made it.

We have a lot of differences. For one thing, they’re black. I’m white. Racial stereotyping. Racial problems. Profiling. Police brutality and targeting black youth. I don’t mean to downplay that at all.

What I am focusing on is the creative process they were able to achieve while being in this motherfucking hell where we can’t afford our own housing, where we step over junkies, where the separation of rich and poor is dazzling stark, and there seems to be another shooting and/or drug bust every week that the NYPD are so proud of and now low-key “gang violence” spurting up in former “safe” neighborhoods-  and now we go to more funerals for children than for adults. AND THEY MADE IT!


Look, I wouldn’t say their music has directly influenced my writing style or something. I haven’t listened to a hiphop or rap album since I was 12. But, they inspire me nonetheless. And I suppose the aggression I have in some of my work comes from the aggression I listened to in the music I grew up listening to, besides the fact I was angry because I was being abused. Perhaps this is a connection I didn’t see before.


Anyway, their voices were heard. If their voices, who had undergone even MORE horrors than mine (though I doubt one of them had a father into zoophilia, but you never know  /shrug) can be heard, why can’t mine be heard? What can’t I succeed??

If they can get out of bed, why can’t I?





This is a turning point that I hope continues.


Please pray I make it through and get the fuck out of here.






PS Also, why did fifty come here to sell his Vodka if he’s from G-Unit? I literally hold grudges forever. It’s been 20 years but… well, it’s a terrible trait of mine to never forget.


14 thoughts on “If The Wu-Tang Clan Can Get Out, I Can Get Out!, blog post by Drem

    1. Thanks Daisy! I feel so empowered right now! I’m going to get my hair done AND going to a doctor’s appointment AND am going back to finishing my books later tonight. FUck everything. If they can do it, I can do it. We are from the same homeland.


  1. Yes you will my dear. Go be amazing, shouldn’t be too hard it’s all there just waiting to explode out to the world.
    I love this post!! You can, you shall, you will. Oh you’re a little fireball of inspiration. Reading this just fires up my own attitude but so happy at you!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Fixing my Firefly one and finishing my Walking Dead one. I doubt they will do it in one sitting since it’s on different areas of my body, but one could dream.

        I need to finish those before I start on my other ones.

        Liked by 1 person

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