My Collection: Heart In Hand by Kristen Buck (original ceramic handmade in free edition)

Heart in Hand is a handmade ceramic piece that measures 6 1/4 inches by Pennsylvania artist Kristen Buck. She fires in a kiln she has in her laundry room on the weekends. I think that’s pretty rad.

One day I decided I wanted to buy a simple handmade ceramic piece. I needed some variety because the bulk of my personal collection consists of original watercolors, oils, mosaics or multimedia pieces as well as prints. I went on Etsy and found this in Bulk’s shop- Crooked Curiosities.

The theme is a bit dark. But, I am a bit dark. (Have you read my poetry yet??). My mom thought it was Wiccan or Satanic. I view it as a piece that represents all the hearts of men I’ve stolen- and believe me, I’ve stolen many. ♥

It can be hung or used as a spoon holder. I think it would survive outside in a shaded area (taken in during winters) and I would place it there if I had a sitting area. Since I don’t, I hang it indoors. Due to its small size, it fits well in-between an assortment of different sized pieces on my wall. I can stick it pretty much any where to fill a hole, and it still holds its own well enough.


I am unhappy that it is not signed. I didn’t request it to be because I assumed it would be. I am going to sign and date it myself for my own records. It didn’t come with a certificate of authenticity, either. But again, my fault because I didn’t ask. Otherwise, I have no complaints. It’s well made. The colors are vivid.


I doubt this will increase in value. She makes as many as people want. There is no limit. But, I like it. And sometimes one has to buy just what they like as a present to themselves (if they can afford it).  It was $12 so I couldn’t go wrong. And, as always, I prefer supporting young(ish) artists over those already established in galleries across the world.


Kristen Bulk still has a bunch of these available, as well as variations of this design and colors. She has BEAUTIFUL handmade ceramic cups, bowls and spoons that tempt me whenever I check her site. If it was a cup I could hang or if I had a shelf in the kitchen I could use to display, I may get one. But, since I don’t, I won’t indulge.


As always, support independent artists!


You can view Kristen Bulk’s work on her Etsy store, Crooked Curiosities. Her prices are fair and pieces are well made. If you do purchase, request her to date and sign for your records.

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