My Art: The Eye Stargate

This is a watercolor I made during my first extended stay in hospital. It wasn’t a pleasant hospital stay.

They had a library nook as well as paints in the recreational room which made it more bearable.

I started reading Stephen Baxter‘s (favorite living science fiction author) and Arthur C. Clarke’s (RIP Clarke, xoxo)  Time’s Eye series.

This piece was completely inspired by that.


Everyone in the hospital thought it was weird. I thought it was okay. Mom liked it.


1487291_10200901754977590_1766039862_n (1) copy

The Eye Stargate

by Drem


Watercolor on paper






PS I’m a major Stargate fan (even go to conventions) so I made that reference on purpose xD


9 thoughts on “My Art: The Eye Stargate

  1. There’s quite a lot going on here. I like it, it really gets attention especially knowing the name. I started seeing Stargate themes all over before reading your ps so I’m glad they were intended
    BTW love Stargate too! Haven’t revisited in a while though.


      1. Hmm how serious… well one of my fav films growing up. Still is but my current copy needs replaced 😔
        Seen full run of sg1 and atlantis but never finished universe, it was weird. Still hoping for that atlantis movie but it’s truly dead.
        It’s a franchise I adore but have no outward display of affection for no memorabilia at all. I haven’t revisited in a a good few years either.
        It was one of my very first binges. I ran through sg1 and then alternated with atlantis ep by ep to catch the crossovers at the right time.
        Honestly I wouldn’t know how to rate myself. I’m not in your league, never done cons, but Scotland doesn’t really get proper cons.
        I’m a fan that’s for sure, more than casual, less than obsessed. I can’t really put a title on it.

        After all this thought I really want to go start watching. I actually have sg1 on my Netflix queue already just waiting for me. Haha!

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      2. They are doing a “reboot” major motion picture erasing all lore established in the first movie and the consequent 3 series that aired over a 10 year period.

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      3. I heard talk of that a while ago. I don’t understand why they don’t just go for TV and a TNG style show. Lore kept you can get closure on atlantis and universe and cameos aplenty.
        I know that the original movie was set to be part of a series and James Spader had signed on but when it went to tv it was too much of a commitment. Ironically hus most memorable roles in the past 10 years are all tv and long running series at that.
        It’s a strange idea to do a total reboot it seems like gate never gets the same reverence as trek. If it stays as movies and it’s treated as a separate entity a ‘new universe’ let’s say then I’m okay but any retconning and I won’t be pleased. Let it be a multiverse sort of reboot and don’t piss off the fans who got their beloved shows cancelled.

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      4. if they said to me, “look, it’s a parallel universe like in Trek right now,” i’d be like “okay, cool.” but this whole shit of erasing the world built pisses me off.

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      5. It’s a poor way to treat a fan base. That’s the people that you want to get they’ll spend the money!
        It’s a studio exec money grab boondoggle but I shall be patient I’m sure changes will happen or the whole project will implode.
        I say new tv show, it works better in tv it’s way too nuanced for a movie franchise to really do it justice. That’s why they have decided to get rid of the lore because they don’t have the time to dedicate to it.

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