In My Collection: Jeweled Owl’s Starry Night (original)

This is a recent purchase from young Alabama artist Tara Richelle.

There is truly nothing like being able to gently run your fingers over a living piece of art, even if you are in the midst of a deep depression. I feel so connected to a person’s creativity who lives so very far away. As artists, we are our art. I got to know this stranger from their creation. Their hands touched the same piece I have- no machine in the way. I look forward to add more of her pieces to my collection (got another set already) and referring her to my clients I curate for.

It’s called Jeweled Owl’s Starry Night, and I’m completely IN LOVE with it.

I thought the eyes would freak me out. I was going to put sunglasses on him. But, they don’t freak me out. It’s MUCH better in-person. More depth than of course a camera or scanner could capture. I also named him Fred, after one of my seagull friends at my beach.

It’s paint and glass mosaic with a smooth non-puckered gloss varnish accompanied with a requested Certificate of Authenticity. (Don’t forget to ask for one of those!)


And just a tip for collectors- buy from young artists. Support young artists. I did that with French artist Fafi when I was in high school . And guess what? A small $60 piece I purchased is now over $400. I purchased an original from a NJ artist for $15 who I forgot the name of back when I lived in Soho (Lower East Side, Manhattan), the underground artistic capital of the East Coast (think Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco but in NYC) – that piece has since been turned into a free edition print and is being sold all over the world. I also came across a locket an artist gave me for free when I first started collecting. I must have been in Junior High School. A few were produced and none were really selling. He was going to throw them out. He was so upset. It’s now worth $600. Invest in youth. It may take time to see your return on investment. But the return may be HUGE, especially if you have a good eye like me (:



I highly recommend this artist. I already own another piece from her, like I said, and look forward to buying more soon. She hasn’t any mosaic pieces up. Those are the ones I want the most and that I think will increase in value over time as she improves on her craft. She is still growing. It’s a very exciting time! Like nurturing a baby ❤


If you couldn’t tell I’m an artaholic. It’s one of the few things left that truly make my heart sing, no matter my level of depression, anxiety or what have you.





Tara Richelle is currently selling locally and on her Etsy account, Taras Art House.

*Please don’t buy the Crashing Wave or Deep Root! I’m getting those when I get the chance! LOL*





22 thoughts on “In My Collection: Jeweled Owl’s Starry Night (original)

  1. I love your art shares! This is so pretty I love the eyes!!!
    I wish I had the room to collect, I have so many things to love and so little space to love them in. Luckily for now I have you to show me the pretty wonders I could behold!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They’re all unhung in my room and a tiny spare bedroom 😛
      my ship art, which I haven’t shown, are my own pieces actually up on display. that’s in my party room/basement.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your home sounds delightful. If you curate a nice wee collection you could maybe charge admission. You do find such gorgeous stuff!
        Oh and your cat can also give autographs 😄


      2. Oooh!! Now that makes perfect sense. You really are quite impressive…and you say I shouldn’t like you, tut tut!
        That’s really cool, must be so much fun but a tad bittersweet because you don’t get to keep anything.


      3. that’s what i hate about it. i want EVERYTHING. but, such is life. And i build relationships with the artists so I get discounts for my personal stuff xD it’s not much but 15-20% off and free shipping ain’t bad. Plus I buy direct- not from galleries. So that already takes a chunk off the top.


      4. That’s not a bad silver lining. The relationships are more important to find the piece perfect for you…and discounts are always nice. Oh and free shipping!!! Who doesn’t love those words, is it overseas as well?


      5. Ahuh. All over. I’m trying to get a piece from Hong Kong now for someone. In my own house I think I got something from almost every continent. And the discounts are only because, like I said, we talk a lot and then sometimes I buy in bulk.
        I only started the personal curating recently when I started realizing I can do it. I’m not professionally trained in it precisely. I’ve worked extensively in museum curatorship, but mainly behind the scenes and not with clients. And not with work that I actually like. I only like working with pop surrealism and multimedia/its extensions. That’s why I should probably move out from where I am. It’s pretty dead here.

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      6. Lucky girl! It all sounds fascinating. I assume there’s a lot of crossover from museum curatorship except you’ve one focus.
        That’s quite the world market there. It’ll always be easier when you love the genre you can put far more passion and sell your emotions better.
        Where do you think you would go, I would think New York would have a thriving scene or do you just mean where you in New York.


      7. No. They suck here. I like pop surrealism, surrealism, low-brow, street graffiti art. Most artists that do that work move to California. Don’t get me wrong, there are great finds here. But, overall, they headed West- at least in my experience. And I rather be there as well.


      8. California probably would suit you more, be a great match for your lifestyle and good for you overall.
        Once you can it’s a must, it’s a big move but the right one in time!


      9. before that my cousin still wants me to move in with him in dublin. i like the london and paris scene so I’m not against it. but, when i get sad or whatever, well i don’t want him to see me like that. he doesn’t judge me. i am just ashamed.

        i was supposed to go for my MA in Italy but I keep putting it off. I can’t remember if i told you that. I was accepted for Museum Curatorship with a focus on conservation- kinda fits, right? lol

        But yeah, California is better. And I rather go for MA there instead of ending up at the Uffizi- not that there is anything wrong with that museum! it just contains things I don’t necessarily love.


      10. prestige means little against love. You can gain knowledge on everything but passion is rarer.
        No you’d not mentioned the MA. Schools in the right artistic communities will give you better contact for employment. California seems like the best direction considering your interest. London could be interesting too but maybe not with as many focused schools.
        I understand with your cousin, that shame and embarrassment is unnecessary as you’ll never be judged harshly but you can’t control it.


      11. Sometimes I get flashbacks of things that happened. And he’s seen me get them. They are still nonetheless embarrassing. I look at him as my baby cousin even though he’s 19.


      12. That never goes away. I’m the eldest child of my generation of the family and I still seem the young ones as babies.
        I do feel for you that it happens in the first place, if it must happen atleast have it alone. 💛


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