My Art: Ghoul

A part of My Art series, where I will be sharing some of my homemade artwork that I do not claim is any good.




I found this painting I did in my dorm room in like 2012.

That year was a super hard time.

I lost my house in Hurricane Sandy (homeless). Saw my neighbor’s dead body drowned in the swamps. Had my 2nd nervous breakdown. And broke up with my first boyfriend who I was in love with (as much love as I could be in, which isn’t a lot. I don’t think I was in love. I just loved him as a person) who was also my best friend for five years before we started our brief official romantic courtship that ended up being a dreadfully unhealthy relationship because he was like the male version of me. (I write a lot of pathetic love poems about him- love poems of friendship. Not sexual.  I sent him one one night when I was tipsy- two sips of sangria and I may do dangerous things . NOT A GOOD IDEA TO DRINK AND WRITE)…





Watercolor to be seen in front of lamp.

by Drem

35 thoughts on “My Art: Ghoul

  1. I love the idea of pathetic love poems, partly because I do quite a few myself. But tbh, anyone who chooses to write about love, and its down- and occasional upsides ,deserves our admiration and support: we are striving (consciously or not) to reach and plough the field of meadow grass and wild flowers instead of stumbling through the trenches of muddy warfare. And that’s surely an admirable trait. Cool painting, btw. Blue is a fave trigger of mine …

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      1. I enjoyed very much. You tell the truth always; that’s so hard, but so beautiful: what you talk about isn’t beautiful; what’s beautiful is the wrongs you wish to right, through your writing …

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      1. I mean it in a neutral descriptive sense. Blue for me means long-lost love; truly treasured, remembered, probably now never to be recovered – but ever-present in my day-to-day life in a way that shall never leave me. Yellow, meanwhile, makes me think of a wonderful and positive future I might spend with someone new; someone else; someone who will one day belong to my present. That’s why I treasure blue and want yellow to love me. Colours are so important, but you’re right: their meanings *are* individual …

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  2. Forgive me for my ignorance, does the light from the lamp bring the brighter colours out more?
    I really like the way you’ve had the blue bleed through, it’s perfect for that haunted look. Great name for the piece as well!

    Oh and there’s no such thing as a pathetic love poem. If there is then I’d have to admit I’m extremely pathetic.


    1. Never said your pathetic love poems weren’t pathetic, my dear friend! hahahaha!

      Yeah it brought them out tremendously. I woulda liked to make this some stained glass piece, actually.

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      1. …😔

        Stained glass is fun I done that a very long time ago. I don’t have any of it sadly, I believe it broke. I done it through an art cafe place but I’m terrible at any painting, unless it’s a plain wall then I’m your man. Haha.
        It’s a very nice piece and you should totally do stained glass stuff if you haven’t already it’s different and fun!

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      2. i have a separate print class tonight which is for my job x-x
        I need to get a better eye for print collecting. I made too many mistakes when I started out (years ago. Cough it up to youth) and wasted too much money.


      3. Is it really mistakes or a maturing eye. It’s scientific fact the younger mind thinks differently, it’s emotional responses are exaggerated. Art being subjective I’d never want to claim anything as a mistake.
        Well I certianly wish you luck and fun tonight.


      4. It’s a mistake when you buy an open edition for $50 unframed without even a certificate of authenticity. God. The stupidity. It makes me fall in hate with the artist for doing shitty things like that. Even if I like a piece they do in the future, being fucked over like that infuriates me. I take it personally.


      5. Ah! Let’s call those ‘admin’ mistakes. Those are real. I’d be the same though, it’s not so much a grudge as is lost faith and that’s hard to recover in an entity that’s a stranger. Well you learned and tbh it’s better than wasting your money on alcohol…I shudder to think how much I’ve lost being a young idiot. At least you still have something nice to look at. I guess i do too if i like scars.


      6. i never spent money on drugs or alcohol. drugs are via health insurance. lols

        i got scars too. i tattooed over the ones on my legs. i got my arms to do next.


      7. Ha lucky you, never been a weed person. I like it but I was already a drinking and I lived by a rule of one vice. These days I have none. Unless you count yoghurt or strawberries.
        We all have scars, im pretty sure my beard covers one but I’ve never shaved it off to find out.


      8. Oh I don’t mean cutting. My face is drunken accidents. My chin was a really bad blackout fall. I also have a faint one on my forehead from fullforce walking into a wall. Self harm is a cry of despair…drunken harm is a cry that you shouldn’t be left alone.
        I might have to have a look and find your face painting piece. That’s quite a old traditional ideal, gets me thinking Maori.

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      9. I don’t know why I didn’t think Native American, it should be the natural leap considering you are American. Nope my mind goes to New Zealand, my mind works strange.
        Now that’s an awesome concept, I really need to find this piece this. Native cultures always have these crazy astounding rituals.


      10. lol it’s fine. having a temporary nervous breakdown is completely normal. Just search under the Depression tag on WordPress!


      11. Yes it is, it’s a sad truth. Well as long as you’re okay, or at least when it passes.
        You know it’s a tag I don’t follow and I really should be, I doubt I’d find someone as interesting as you though (he says trying to reassure)

        If you need an unbiased friend just drop me ans email. I’m self diagnosed as insane but I can be good company.

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    1. Hi Randy,
      I enjoy reading your work, too!
      I actually have read about it thanks to your post.

      I do not do most “Blog Awards” because I find them to be schemes to get views on the source site it comes from. It’s not content based. It’s all about spreading links and getting people sucked into it thinking it means something when in reality the source gets free advertisement on your page. And that advertisement doesn’t have to do with art.

      If the contest was just an award based on creativity/inspirational articles/exceptional work and didn’t involve nominating others and a silly listicle, I’d do it.

      Nonetheless, thank you thinking of me ❤ Hope all is well with you!


  3. Thanks, Drem! Consider it sent with love and respect for your creativeness. As it is, I’m still a sucker, even if it is unabashedly commercial promotion… Hope you’re okay with my cheerleading out here for you; you deserve the applause with the aplomb!

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