Filters Of Expression, blog and photograph by Drem

So something weird happened when I was editing a photo of me for my Instagram (I am not that vain… I was very bored and ailing from insomnia).

From one filter to the next, the shading completely changed my expression. It creeped me out.

And, in the original, I was actually smiling! (I did not include the original).

So, never trust a photograph. It’s not real depictions of things any more. But wait, there’s more less obvious truths and lunches of thought I will uncover!

Remember when the cameras were invented and all the artists thought that would be the end of art? Of course you don’t remember. We weren’t alive. I mean, what we were taught in our Art History classes (History Major IN THE HOUSE!). So why the end of art? Because a photo is dead. It didn’t come alive from a person’s hands. Rather, a machine. It’s like buying a limited edition print instead of the original piece. No comparison. All you have to do is gently brush your fingers over the edges to sense its lack of soul.

But now, due to all this computer bullshit on top of 3 inch thick makeup (I wasn’t wearing makeup because it was 11AM and I hadn’t slept yet), one can warp the captured moment and the photographer and editor can transform it into a lie rivaling any royal portraiture  or sculptor of any great age from any great nation in history.

Remember Egypt? They turned people into cats! Now an app can turn you into a cat!

WHOA I know I just blew your mind.



PS follow my Instragram for more “Drem” stuff! I will be posting more on my Instagram when I have time.

15 thoughts on “Filters Of Expression, blog and photograph by Drem

  1. Oh now this is very interesting, I shall have to play around for myself.
    I actually don’t even have Instagram, I take so few photos. I might just have to set one up. I’m very interested in seeing your vision after reading your voice in your poetry.

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    1. I’m starting to upload my photography.
      mostly the new stuff is just from my phone. But, secret tidbit- I was a professional photographer for a daily newspaper for a few years and then one for a travel magazine. The ones I will be posting now won’t nearly be as nice. But, I hope pleasant nonetheless.

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      1. Oh wow! My dear you continue to impress!!! I’m sure the photographs you take will be great, I’m less interested in quality and more the content. It’s a wonderful excuse to sign up for Instagram 😄
        I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you do, I can always use a little more pleasant.


    1. that’s for sure!
      after chemo i took a pic of me. day after. I edited it. I looked like a fashion model!! and in real life, I was VERY far from it. I had just puked my brains out and could barely move.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Did you know that there are only 8 super-models! I went from a size 18 to a 10 when I had chemo, which I thought was one of the compensations of the treatment – until I looked back at the photos of wrinkles and black around the eyes. Shall see what I can do with them.

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