What I Want To Do, What I Want To Dream- blog post by Drem

Reality prevents me from living the free life I want, which makes my Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death tattoo even more of a reminder of my limitations. It’s very frustrating- having to live your whole life preparing for the worst. Each treatment with a higher percentage of death… it fucking sucks, dude.


I am in jail in my own body from multiple sclerosis and other debilitating autoimmune diseases, besides depression and the like. If you ever get around to reading my poetry, you’ll get a sense of what I deal with.


But, I will tell you what I want to do.


I want to move to Colorado, or Oregon, or California. And I want a little house and a little farm. And I want to grow medical marijuana and make medical grade pesticide free butters, oils, tinctures, E-liquids, syrups, and edibles of all kinds. My own little one stop shop.

I already know how to make these things. I just can’t because of where I live.


I’ll charge $5-$12 a cookie, depending on the ratio of cannabis in it. And also depending on the levels of THC and CBD. Or if an extraction process was needed to make it have the lowest THC possible in a “pure” CBD request. There is a lot of science behind the two strains and the hybrids. It’s not easy. Each patient needs something different. People with depression, for example, do better on high CBD. Chronic pain, depending on level, is THC & some CBD. (Because I have chronic pain and mental health issues, I always do a combo).


I want to be able to do it from home and sell it to a dispensary or something since I am often too sick to leave the house due to my disabilities.


If I just stick to chocolates, I can make a batch a day and easily make $100. Or the mint mocha chocolate chunk cookies, you do the math.

So that’s what I want to do when I am older.

I am now older.

I can not do it.



Image by: Jaime Best


16 thoughts on “What I Want To Do, What I Want To Dream- blog post by Drem

  1. I’m and Englishman … I’m here … right now can’t think where else I’d want to be … I just know you can sense me smiling … you thinking you can smell bull shit across the Atlantic … and yes I’m full of it … but not right now … I’m aroma free … good to know you!

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  2. That’s a great dream. I really want you to get it, you write about it with so much love.
    The prison is horrible and the pain unnecessary. I think it says more about me that it sparks the thought how can I help.
    I know better of course but it still breaks my heart that you have so many amazing ideas and are denied them.
    If there is solace it’s that you’re young. Younger than you think and you’ll get there when you have become older. In an ideal world New York will follow the examples set by places like colarado but until then you’re young, don’t rush. Your adventure isn’t going anywhere without you, it has the parience for you to catch up!

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      1. Okay, you’re old…but not too old to be told you’re wrong. In today’s world you’re not old. You won’t have to even dream of the old tag till your in your mid 30s. You’re young, by not too young to feel you should have more.
        As I said is a good dream and you’re long overdue to be rewarded by life.


      2. Ahaha!!! My apologies it’s a number I will all too very soon have to live with. I forget how scary it can be. Still it comforts me to know I have a few years before mid 30s so I have time to grow up.


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