Invisible Illness: My Story (short video)

Just because my illness is invisible doesn’t mean I’m not in pain. Just because my illness is invisible doesn’t mean I am okay.

11 thoughts on “Invisible Illness: My Story (short video)

  1. My spirit feels you and I overstand… May the time that you have, you make it the most… But please don’t fret, you won’t go unnoticed… Your Inner-G will thrive on.. Thank you for sharing those personal things with us…

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  2. Point well and truly proven! I feel a bit guilty for the first thoughts of vanity. Sure you have pretty peacocking hair that flatters and draws the eye but the startling fact is there are many invisible illnesses that get ignored when you think “awww she looks lovley” or whatever derivation of a compliment you think.
    There’s a lot of tortured wisdom in that young head of yours (yes young!) Always challenging thoughts, showing incredible strength and bravery. This was a marvellous exercise and revealed something in me I’m not sure I like.

    (btw sorry I’m spamming all your posts comments you just always inspire something meaningful to say)

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      1. Yes vanity. Maybe the wrong word. I’m not sure. The objectifying appraisal “she’s pretty I like her x y z” and self appraisal “she way out of my league” all those little milisecond thoughts ans judgements on nothing more than the surface.
        Vanity might have been the wrong word. Still guilty though.


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