As The Gold Falls From Your Feet, a poem by Drem

Not based on any particular thing… Chunks remind me of my childhood, as well as someone else’s I know. Not gonna front. Some bits made me teary eyed. This hit… close. Too close. Some parts I don’t like thinking about. And nobody knows they happened because I don’t talk about my feelings. I internalize. Depression is anger turned inward. I’m one angry motherfucker but at the same time I just like to sleep and get high and never, ever talk.

Also, all grammatical errors are there for a reason. I don’t use proper English on a daily basis at home. And I like it that way. I like my accent and my sentence arrangements the way they are. So sometimes, like now, I express a poem as I would if I said it out loud at home.

“Why you think you special

when the only thing you been doing

out there

is not being here?

What falls from your feet

is not dust of gold.

It’s actually dust.

‘Cause you’re old.

And you wasted so many years

being a free-thinking

self-exclaiming intellectual.

In reality, you’re not those things.

You live in a library

’cause you have nowhere else to sleep.

You can’t even read.

You’re an uneducated man

who walks the streets with no shoes

and forgets where he lives

and won’t take his pills

and takes advantage of his mother

and is besties with his sister

and likes to beat his wife

when he remembers she exists.

You have too many children

and you don’t know their names.

But they know who you are

and keep you in a frame.

That’s the memory.

It’s quite sad.

You make them very sad.

And you hurt them in other ugly ways, too.

You have caused them many tears.

And it’s the worst sin in the world to hurt a child.

You’ve done the worst thing

you could do.

Over and over and over again,

you do.

I’m not calling your behavior out

to make you feel more shitty.

I get mental illness is a real thing.

Believe me, I caught it from you.

This- it’s just another wake-up call

the family has been planning.

Your tendency to sign yourself out

of mental health institutions

before you get the right help

is killing our savings.

You’ve been in too many times this year.

Co-pays, co-pays, co-pays

how many co-pays?

We bail you out, intellectual man.

Creative man.

And you hit the streets again.

Pretending you’re a preacher.

Keep changing your religion

while I can never go on vacation.

My money is spent, all of it, on rescuing you.

And the police hate me

because besides other things

you wander in when you want,

and break up the house you own,

and scream so loud your mother has another fucking stroke.

And I go catatonic

because it’s all too much.

And mommy goes and asks you

what you want for lunch.

And mommy goes

after I go catatonic

what you want for lunch.”

(C) 2016 Drem

9 thoughts on “As The Gold Falls From Your Feet, a poem by Drem

    1. my words? wow. thank you very much! that’s such a nice response. I am glad it moved you. It was such a hard thing to right. I actually just re-read at cried. lol. ik i shouldn’t but sometimes when you write things, well i write biographical poetry, it’s difficult because you relive things.

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  1. Your arrangements are brilliant. It’s the real outburst of emotions, the ebs and flows of thoughts so raw and passionate. As long as you’re speaking from the heart the arrangement finds its way and fits the piece perfectly. It’s not meant to be read it’s meant to be heard, as a reader you say it aloud and become an echo to your call. This is extremely well written and read with far too much pain not to be moved. I really hope this helps you today, your a remarkable young woman to endure what you have and share it with us.

    Oh and I know I’ve said it before but your accent is great, it… actually I’m going to stop myself because anything I say will just sound creepy.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Ahaha!!! Maybe maybe. Although if everything turns to disaster after all the whole Brexit thing I may just move to New York . I’m sure there’s room for a scruffy Scottish eccentric wearing a sign that reads “Looking For Love?” 😄


      2. I think you wouldn’t survive here. Maybe in Soho but it’s too expensive there. I used to live here. Across from Washington Square Park. It’s the “cool artist” place but now it’s being bought out by hipsters and everyone is going to Brooklyn. But now Brooklyn is being bought out by Hipsters and I don’t know where we will all go next.

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      3. I do plan on robbing a few banks here before I leave so money won’t be an issue.
        I’d have to do proper research, I lead a simple life but I have my comforts. I’d also like to avoid the hipsters it’s not that they annoy me it’s the fear that they might think I’m one of them. I shall come to you with the shortlist and you can tell me what’s best. Haha.😉
        I’m sorta content here for now, maybe just visit first. I’ll still bring my sign, just incase 😄


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