An Urge To Actually Be Critical Of Poor Work, blog post

I never say, “I read this before. Did you get it out of a Hallmark card?”

I never say, “I think you just ripped off Poe. I’m sure he’s your favorite, but like really it’s almost word for word.”

I never say, “Your metaphors are so basic you a basic bitch.”

I never say, “Tf you talking about? Do you even know?”

I never say, “Why did you post this?”


I’m nice.

The world is a very mean place and I think it’s amazing that someone has the guts to put themselves out there.

See, Wilde agrees that we should be nice because there is, somewhere, deep inside those roses and curves of a woman and clashes of thunder are GENUINE FEELINGS.

Thus, I simply hit LIKE for the sake of them taking the risk even if I don’t like the actual work.

And, truly, who am I to judge? My work isn’t amazeballs. And even if it was amazeballs, it’s all subjective.

And I write stuff and post it and then fall in hate with it myself. I read things I posted months ago and feel shame. I read things I wrote 2 years or 10 years ago and need to rewrite it because I see its faults. The rewriting tendency only started recently. I think I grew up a lot. My themes may be the same, but I am doing some experimenting with my expression while still focusing on rhythm, an aggressive tone and a halfway decent exploration into the chemically imbalanced mind/psyche.



What the hell is this? MELLIFLUOUS??!? Like bro, did you really just go there?

Though, truth be told, bad poetry is BAD poetry. The worst is when a piece has no soul. And when I see that, I just cringe. It’s just random words. Arranged for no reason. Just together and existing together. And I’m sure everyone reading this has been there and done something like that themselves. A failure is a failure. Not all ideas are going to be ideas worth committing to paper or web.

A part of me feels guilty that I, in a way, lie when I hit LIKE on things I think are wastes of my time to read. A part of me feels I have no other choice because I’m a stupid idiot and they may actually be smarter than me and better than me at everything.









PS I’m sorry if I sound like a cunt. I probably am one now that I’m thinking about it.


PPS I don’t hate flowers that much. In fact, there are a few people I’m following that take amazing pictures of nature and also write nice pieces to go along with them. Just so many flowers are everywhere at the moment. Outside, and here online. I’m getting super overwhelmed with the flowers. The same thing went on with the snow during the winter. That nearly killed me. How much snow can one read about? How much? If I printed it all out- several feet worth.


22 thoughts on “An Urge To Actually Be Critical Of Poor Work, blog post

  1. The self critical is natural and happens everywhere. Find an artist who doesn’t look back with new ideas new approaches and you’ll find that person is not artist. You grow as a person even in solitude you grow and develop your ever evolving skill. I’m not sure if I believe the malcolm gladwell 1000 hours to be a master assertion but the simplicity of the idea shows do something long enough and you’ll learn to do it better. Revisiting old pieces is good it’s evidence you’ve evolved and is the purest form of capturing you at a certain time in life. Rework them but never destroy the original the person who wrote that is important even if you don’t like them.

    I think I like too much. I’m polite yes but maybe I’m just easily entertained. When something really gets to me I’ll let you know I’m bear my soul to show you what your words have done.

    Honestly I encourage the critical of me, it’s necessary to grow but I don’t know if I can be critical of others. I know my work is basic but in entertains me, I want to be better and that’s why I keep trying new things while still enjoying the silly nonsense.

    This is a cry for change and a necessary one. Bad is bad but it doesn’t mean that writer can’t be good. Pass on what you’ve learned say what you didn’t like, maybe they’re experimenting a looking for guidance. It’s difficult to adopt that harsher tone especially over text when meaning can garbled.

    Oh and so you know, there is nothing cuntish about this post. It’s honest and caring and shows your desire to be better and encorage others to be better. I’ll stop rambling now.


    1. This is a very long comment that I want to respond in fully to but I probably will forget stuff.
      1) I do think you are easily entertained 😛
      2) You didn’t need to stop rambling.
      3) Ty for believing I am not a cunt.

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      1. Haha. Yes I didn’t realise it had gotten that long.
        I do think I’m easily entertained. Not in a bad way. There’s a simple contentment to it. I can sit and day dream and lose hours in my head with weird thoughts of an alternate life where I’m a jedi or surviving an apocalypse. I don’t know if it’s true but I like to belive that entertaining me is easy. Capturing my consistent attention and challenging me, now that’s a whole new level beyond mere entertainment.
        You may regret saying I don’t need to stop rambling, I may just take you up on it one day and practically write you an unintended fable. Haha!!
        No need for thanks, you are in no way a cunt. Trust me! Asking big bold questions is brave. I want to be challenged as I read, evoke something make me think. You always do this. Don’t fear being honest, if we placate with likes at least be honest with what we post the earn beyond placation.

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      2. See when I go away (which is most of my day) in what you call a “day dreaming state” mine is more of a straight up SuckerPunch thing (SuckPunch is a great movie. Go watch it now.) I dissociate from reality and live in a world just as real as this one. Not only can I feel pain physically and emotionally from what goes on there, which makes me think it’s not a hallucination. And I have no control over what goes on. It’s like vivid dreaming but it’s on command and I can do it with my eyes open. There are several places I can go. Right now I am me who was an extra at a deli a movie was filming out near my house (based on true event). Well, I am a great actress from hiding my mental illness and physical pain from the whole world growing up that it ends up I’m a fucking fantastic actress. And they rewrite the script and make me a supporting and I win an academy award and from there long story short I’m a political activist, actress, confusing and hard to deal with lover, singer/songwriter who has worked with Conor Oberst, and surrealism film director who hates to direct.

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      3. You know I’ve had sucker punch for years and never watched it. I always wanted to save it for a night deserving of it, then life got in the way. Looks like I have a plan for tonight!
        Your day dreams sound amazing. Mine are less vivid, I almost dream them as an editor, going back and forth finding the flaw and correcting them to tell and re tell my legendary tales. To have something that vivid must be incredible, I’d never trade my silly dreaming but you make yours seem so delightfully real…A joy when reality leaves little to be desired.


      4. Since I feel it, it is as real to me as this when I’m there. That’s probably now a mental illness but hey, i’ve been living with it since I was 10 and I made it this long.
        It’s not really delightful when bad things happen. And bad things do happen. Horrendously bad things. And I’m feeling them, too. So it’s not always great- because I have no control.

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      5. Maybe delightful is the wrong word. I suppose I mean to feel those moments as you do must be an experience, to disassociate so strongly. I never think that the dreams could turn bad and the pains as terrible as reality. It’s odd, I rarely dream well but still romanticise dreaming as of good thoughts.
        I’ve called my days reaming the curse of a writers imagination. If it’s now a mental illness I’d wear it proudly. I camt believe its illness, simple an unknown perplexity of the human mind that doesnt need denigrating. Its a beautiful quality of creative escapism many an artist would yearn for. I do wonder if I’d be as brave in mine if I felt them as vividly as yours. Would i still be the heroic knight? Would I fear getting hurt?


      6. The characters change all by themselves. But as they change, since I feel it, I change. When I come out of it, whatever happened (like a death or something) I feel it in a weird way. Like a distant friend passed.

        It’s a tradeoff because I certainly don’t like being here. There is better. Much much better.

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      7. That I truly understand. Whatever pains there are in dreams it comes from caring it comes from investing yourself into that figment you’ve made real. More real that the people that you enounter awake. The good is great the bad is horrible but there’s a truer sense of life. Reality can offer banality, the same repition of dull never full stimulating and challenging. You should change from dreams it’s the most connected we are with the sub conscious, to really talk to ourselves and grow.
        I’d want to be there more than here, but I do prefer you out here so I can annoy and revel in your company. Selfish I know.

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      8. Honest question- you write really fancy. why? seriously. like I’m over here super casual and you’re all two hundred years ago romantic poet or some shit.

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      9. It’s the way I speak. I’m quite the oddity. I guess I’m overly dramatic, a college lecturer once claimed I was a drama queen after doing some acting in a video project. I honestly don’t notice it, it’s just me. It’s not until people point it out do I realise that im doing it. This is my casual. Could be all that time romantacising in my head had altered the way I speak. Who knows, all I know is it’s just me!

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  2. Ok you always make me smile somehow! That p.s. Was priceless.
    I think hitting the like button just may say…i read it, i acknowkedge you, A for effort. Or like may mean that was awesome but im too emitiinal ir tired to actually reply. Your stuff is amazeballs though


  3. Liking because I actually like this post. (And because there’s no freaking “love” button.) We’ve all written it, we’ve all read it, at some point. You’re nicer than I am…I only hit the like button when I actually do.

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  4. I like flowers and snow and most of nature’s other bits. Sometimes, you’ll read something heart-wrenching about winter and something real about decaying flowers. Other time you read a bunch of sentimental bullshit. People put themselves out there, and that’s a beautiful thing, even when it really isn’t at all beautiful, even when it’s trite garbage. I’ve no right to judge another. If you’ve not got anything nice to say, it’s fine to say nothing at all. But for the sake of all snow and flowers, don’t lie to people.


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