Fake People, Fake Friends, Fake Compliments- a poem by Drem

About no incident in particular. Just feelings, I suppose.

It’s really not a poem. It’s just a vent.


Fake People, Fake Friends, Fake Compliments- a poem by Drem

June 28, 2016


“I’m okay with being known

as the girl who lives in chronic pain

from invisible knives.

Who doesn’t like to pick up the phone.

And likes to cut herself up

and play with the red ribbons

that flow from her veins.

But it’s really fucking pathetic

that you talk shit

when I’m the one who still

has the best academics behind her

and the most successful one in her creative endeavors.

I’m the one who didn’t lose faith in God

and I’m the one who feels the most guilt

over things that were out of my control.

And I’m the one who has never and will never feel safe.

But you still talk shit.

You make a fucking comment.

A left-handed compliment

about my hair,

or my whatever,

knowing I just got out of the hospital

and before that hadn’t left the house for three months.

You did know because your mother knew.

There’s no excuse.

You’re in your 30s, my God,

and got a decade on me.

Now get your foot off my face,

I’m already down.”

(C) Drem 2016



4 thoughts on “Fake People, Fake Friends, Fake Compliments- a poem by Drem

  1. Vent yes, Poetry definitely. You have a stunning creative spirit and defiant way with words. I hope writing these words has helped because you’re right. Tortured yes, astounding definitely! This comment or compliment is real, as is your art, heart, spirit and dreams. The fakes never survive but you truly shall!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I do and you’ve given me no reason not to. Just be unapologetically you. The words you weave are a glimpse into you and that person is remarkable. Just be her, be dammed the fakes and keep writing because there are many of us here who rather enjoy reading those captivating, resonating pieces you write!

        Liked by 1 person

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