Cliched poem, poem by Drem

Cliched poem, poem by Drem

June 25 2016


“Everyone throws away their keys and leaves.

Everyone puts their demons in a cage,

wearing tinted glasses

with tears streaming down where else but their cheeks from their eyes.

Something is hidden.

I’m guessing the keys.

Something else is found.

Definitely not the keys. Those are long gone and nobody wants them back.

Someone is “yearning”.

Someone is “empty”

from a broken heart or a lost dream or a missed whatever.

Then there’s the passion of the people that are in

 a very dramatic place- like a beach.

They were lovers.

And now they aren’t!

And it’s sad because he “lusts passionately” for her

as he describes her body using sexy words.

And they hear things people hear at a beach,

like seagulls.

And waves.

Like I said, very dramatic.

A storm might even be involved.

Sometimes everyone doesn’t belong.

That guy at the beach probably doesn’t belong there. He should be over his ex but he can’t let go because she is just so pretty.

Some people do belong.

It eventually happens. Like, in the next poem.

Sometimes people use sentences

and sometimes they just write a bunch of questions

that rhyme.

Most people don’t write anything new.

There’s too many yes-men and not enough introspection.

Or they do a haiku and become famous.

That is, unless that person included a thing about being in chains.

Held back by chains.

Down by chains.

Chains are everywhere in poetry,

constricting the art so it can’t breathe and the author can’t breathe either.

Someone might die.

Poetry is actually a very dangerous place

where melancholia is rampant and everyone’s depressed or obsessed with flowers

or missing a piece of themselves that someone they cared about took!

And that evil thief left the author nothing but ideas

for a cliched poem.

And, that person threw away keys and it was most likely raining when it all went down

and it was in Autumn

because autumn is a nice word, and there are different colored leaves.”

(C) Drem 2016

22 thoughts on “Cliched poem, poem by Drem

  1. I’m very guilty of falling to the dangers and know all to well about holding onto the past. This is startlingly eye opening. It’s. shaken me to think on my own work. Excellently thought provoking in a very good way. This is a great piece!

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    1. well if you worry about holding on to things at a beach and it’s overly dramatic and the waves are crashing against an abandoned fishing boat stripped of its pain, maybe search for a different angle because we heard that before. (JK!)

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      1. i put you in the cliched poem.
        i often say things to people that are a bit out there and if they don’t keep up or don’t know my sense of humor they don’t get it. I’m also tired myself.

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      2. Oh wow that makes complete sense. It looks like a quote and reads like part of something bigger. That’s brilliant. I feel a bit foolish now, the modern day faux pas laden world of text based communications. I shall endeavour to keep up, after sleep. I need sleep. I miss sleep.

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  2. I loved this post. My favorite part is the last two lines, “because autumn’s a nice word and there are different colored leaves.” The only part that I think you missed is a reference to being a season of change. Or–wait–is that original?? Go me!! Lol. ❤

    I also have to admit, with reference to rhyme–that I did have in my bio at one point that I realized "I may sound a ding-dong, as I write in sing-song" and thus, obvi, soooo guilty.

    Happy to come across your blog!! I've only read this one post, but looking forward to reading more. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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