Sharing, a quote by Drem


I overshare in the virtual world, where you are a signal inside my screen.

And undershare in real life, where you are a living and breathing scary human.

3 thoughts on “Sharing, a quote by Drem

  1. Yeah, that’s true. It’s me, again. I figured out that I could press your (wp) button, and it would work (figuratively; sorry, if literally); categories, if that’s how to go next, could be poetry, uncategorized or both; or I could rewrite your poem on the Quotes post. Have I overstepped this issue? (I’m sorry.) Would it still be okay, and in which way (more rhymes)?


    1. Hi. I don’t care what category you put it in. It’s your page.
      When you hit REBLOG, it literally reblogs just about the entire post with a link to the original content on my page, including the picture and what it says in the body paragraph.

      You could alternatively just use the image I created on your page wherever.


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