Spoken Poetry: At a cotton field.

This moved me very much, so I decided to share.

The WildRebelFleur

m-3347 An animated illustration of slaves working at a cotton field in America during a period of slavery.

Sorrowful cries dipped in red.
She weeps at her own feet,
she pleads humility for her viability in time of deceit.
A bull whip, puffed up with conceit,
persistently thumping at her back.
At a cotton field, she weeps, while her master whips
while blood drips down to her lips.
MASTER HAVE MERCY!” she supplicates for her existence.
But regardless of her petition, her master whips and whips,
fabricating wounds, only for them to recover to get worse.
On a race, the devil cast its curse
that a kind like hers was never to rehearse liberty
and so white men caged us to slavery
OH What a trickery?
A skin so White but yet so black at heart.
A possessed ignorant mind,
flourished by a soul so blind.
They twitter in…

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