Silly Dreams Of Normality From A Manic Depressive, a poem by Drem

Silly Dreams Of Normality From A Manic Depressive, a poem by Drem

June 20, 2016

“I’m the woman

in that commercial

for the anti-depressant

you just laughed at.

She was wearing purple

because purple is the color of depression,

though I happen to never wear it.

It’s simply astonishing for you

to imagine, or dare even see,

someone so chemically unbalanced

to ever also be happy.

…She had a family.

Was having a picnic.

It was a nice day

and she didn’t look so sick.

There were flowers.

Her son picked them for her.

That’s why you laughed.

It was an unrealistic situation.

To be loved.

To be loved by a family

all while hunched over

on the side of the bed

a mere moment before.

It’s ridiculous!

An astronomical fiction

in every sense.

I knew it was,

but… you didn’t have to say it.

“What do they do, fake it in the beginning?”

Why yes, mom,

that’s the only plausible explanation.

Not only does depression

steal our ability

to love the things we once loved,

it makes us unlovable.

It alters our perception

and it makes us more ugly

than we already were.

And the more people like you

who spread that truth

exposes our ways

to the innocent men

we would have otherwise tricked.

Thank God you saved them.

We’re a bunch of phenomenal actors

with rows and rows of awards in the cabinets.

And the more people like you

who spew those hopeless words to us

makes us more so realize who we really are–

just bodies too broken

for any rational person

to feel affection towards.

Thank you ever so much

for reminding my dreams

of normality

to shut the fuck up.”

(C) Drem 2016

8 thoughts on “Silly Dreams Of Normality From A Manic Depressive, a poem by Drem

  1. Thank you for the wonderful poem this morning. Purple may be the color of depression in commercials, but it is also the color of royalty! Mania is the source of all confusion, heartache and spark of limitless creativity. Focus on your unique brand of brilliance; this will get you through many mood storms. Know that even in your suffering (believe me I can definitely relate), you are a welcome voice for those of us who’ve had enough of the pervasive, “pill-popping” solution being forced upon us.


    1. I agree with a lot of what you said. However, to describe mania with such romantic language… well, it’s disturbing to me. Mania is a chemical imbalance that makes you not who you really are. Mood swings. Aggression inwards (self harm) or aggression outwards. The world’s best friend or so quiet nobody knows you are alive. It’s dangerous. And has consequences that you wake up to once it’s over.

      poem about it:


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