What She Was Like… poem by Drem

Here’s a little love poem that I hope someone will one day write about me.


What She Was Like, a poem by Drem

June 21, 2016


“Her skin was smooth

like the midnight velvet sky.

Her eyes were like

the fiery stars.

Her lips made me feel

the planets move in orbit

with the moment and my heart.”

(C) Drem 2016


Cute fact: I own that Featured Image print 😛  It’s by James R Eads. I collect his stuff. Look him up!

23 thoughts on “What She Was Like… poem by Drem

  1. That’s such a cute poem. I’m sure someone will write something just as heartfelt for you, find the shy ones, they harbour this kind of romantic wonder and are always looking for a muse like you. Thr featured image is really cool, I’m going to have to check out some more!!

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    1. I always get the shy ones. The gamer boys and the so-called poets who can’t really write and the awkward Dungeon and Dragons boys. But, they’ve lacked much in the romance department (besides other things…) and I’m not even that romantic!
      I just wrote this and thought that would be exactly what I want to be thought of as, and for them to be smart enough to say it 😛

      James is amazing. I only have his limited edition prints. No originals (yet). I don’t talk about it much on here but I am a pop surrealism, lowbrow, and street graffiti art (Like Fafi) collector.

      Most of my James pieces are from his past two collections.

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      1. Ah well I may be projecting my own shy retiring romantics onto other quiet men like me (I shan’t comment on the others things it would be uncouth). Maybe I am different, I do get told im special but I’m not sure it’s a compliment. Well you’ve certainly tapped into something adorable and that longing for a little romance comes across. It makes me smile reading it such a simple heartfelt desire. 😊 I’m ignorant to the way of art, I can’t even pretend to know styles or names. I honestly don’t know what I like I just know when I see it. I really like this introduction though, I really should broaden my horizons especially considering there’s really nothing artistic where I live.


      2. well if you like james and are interested i can list the artists i also collect that are in the same vein. (-:

        The best shroom or acid art is in LA, San Fran, London, Paris, Japan.

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      3. That’s would be great. I’ve only looked at a little on his site but I’m loving the style. My ‘art’ is all geek oriented or movie posters. Stuff like this would be gorgeous when I finally get my own place. I may fall down a rabbit hole with all this its quite remarkable!

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      4. Yeah… pop surrealism/low brow/certain street graffiti artists seem to all be on shrooms. And, that’s how I like it.

        There’s Fafi (Paris) that I collect, Edie Pijper (Holland), Mr Go (London), Tom Lewis (London), Meg Azzoni (East Coast, US), James that you know about (originally from Brooklyn, moved to LA), Tara Richelle (Southern US), Camilla d’Errico (British Columbia), Camille Rose Garcia (LA), Banksy (UK).

        I have my nerd art in my basement/party room. All my ship art- Trek, Gate, Wars, Firefly & Galactica crafts. My comic book collection, figures, Hayao Miyazaki film posters, and steam-punk inspired flying devices from different graphic novels (like blimps).

        It’s not the worst addiction in the world… but it does get pricy. Especially to frame. 😦

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      5. Ooft my my that’s quite the geeky collection. I could lose myself in that basement. Thanks so much for the list. I shall be having a good look to see what magic I can find. Might hold off on buying anything till pay day mind you! Framing is an absolute joke. I have silly movie prints and can get some cheap a4 stuff and that’s find nut proper framing is mental. I want in on the framing racket…or the glass makers, im sure its the glass that’s the pricey part. Still as you say it’s not the worst.


      6. no James is from LA. Maybe he lived here for awhile? I dunno. I remember getting shipments from Brooklyn to here at one point (I’m like… practically walking distance from that borough). But I might just be crazy and that never happened.

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      7. Ahahaha. I think I saw NY on the website but I can’t be 100% sure. I don’t have the money for travel so it’ll all be online for me to stare into this interesting new world. Thanks again for the awesome list!


      8. Oh ofc. I’m an anti social hermit, shipping is my life. It would be nice to see the art in person but a good HD image can still inspire a purchase I really don’t need to make. It’s not like I have anyone else to spoil right now so why not!

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      9. Well at least you had the chance. There’s nothing for me to see. Sure I could travel but that goes against the ways if the Hermit. Haha. I’m slowly breaking out of that so maybe when I get into a bigger city I’ll find some true delights. For the moment this is a great list to browse through!


  2. Beautiful thoughts, and I love the artwork, too. It seems like the kind where you have all kinds of colors, at one level, and black on another, and then scratch through. I read about it before, but forgot how exactly that’s done. Your choice is wonderful. And I like your hair, by the way.


    1. Hi Randy!

      Yes I know what you mean. I know he works digitally but his prints are sometimes made on black paper with fluorescent pigments that makes them actually glow in the dark. This print is not black paper. I actually don’t own any of his that are that way. I wish I did, though! He doesn’t do it nearly as often as I would like.

      And ty for the hair compliment ❤ It's been awhile. Now I'm blonde with turquoise and teal.


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