Experimenting with a new blog time, blog post by Drem

Hey my lovelies,

I need to still build up my readership since I was gone for a long time.

I’m going to experiment with posting most of my work between 9AM and 11AM EST instead of 12AM-3AM which was my usual time.

I read that mornings are typically more active, and I want more people to see my work.

So, if you usually read my stuff at night just try to catch it in the morning or that evening. If you’re one of my subscribers you will get an email anyway (:


I hope this works! The comments section has been rather dead and it makes me feel so lonely… ):




10 thoughts on “Experimenting with a new blog time, blog post by Drem

      1. I’m retired now after 30 years working in State Career Service System – things are much less complicated. I jumped thru all the hoops they placed in my way – so I’m okay – I’m schizophrenic BTW … I hope you find your own way to integrate ❤

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      2. Also BTW – I took early disability retirement at 60 overwhelmed by all the STUFF that they put me through & personal complications. Survival is the name of the game!

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