The Stepford Wives of WordPress, a poem by Drem

The Stepford Wives of WordPress, a poem by Drem

June 19, 2016

“Roses are red,

and violets are blue,

and so are my lips

since I took too many pills.

Funny, I know.

But that’s the closest I can get

to Hawthorne.

You know none of this was easy

for me

from the beginning.

Life. Breathing.

You want me now, family,

to paint a picture written

in pretty words

that are quite long

and no longer

in common circulation.

And to describe pretty things

that are growing in a British garden

even though I don’t live in Britain

and am allergic to flowers–

just so I can finally fit in

and sound less suicidal.

But that’s not me.

It’s not my XP.

And it’s not my way to release.

I can only act for so long

in any given day.

Being Drem is my only way to breathe.



I create,

if anything,

grotesque beauty

in a rhythm

that’s aggressive

and explores the fucked up


My fucked up subconscious.

And some people like it

and I rather have fans and connect

to the misfits

who know a whole scope of emotions,

both happiness and sadness,

than the Stepford Wives of WordPress.

And just because someone suffers

from depression

or is a manic depressive

and writes about it

doesn’t make them any less

of a sophisticated writer,

or a decent writer

or a writer who can properly express

real experiences.

Fuck, I rather read about survivors

of real life

than mere roses.

I’ve seen so many roses.

Believe me, I know what they look like

and smell like

and feel like.

But if that’s what you see

then please do your thing

and be honest in your work

as I am honest in mine.”

(C) Drem 2016



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