Remaining The Other, a poem by Drem

Image is Why Are You Fighting by Tom Lewis. Check him out. Some of his work is really awesome.

Remaining The Other, a poem by Drem

June 17, 2016


“I remain the other.

I occupy the outside.

All I see are these four walls,

door closed, shades down,

the speckled wallpaper

designed for a doctor’s office.

I remain the hooded whisper

living on the fringes of my own mind

beside a pool of darkness

licking the rim of my own depression,

that sits in it,

cutting my tongue and wrists in the process–

for talking too much

and thinking too much- I remember.

I shouldn’t remember.

I’m going too close

and I must keep running

away and away

from myself, my thoughts

and shadow and what happened.

It’s going to catch me

again, you know.

It’s going to catch me.

Put me in mental bondage.

Make me a slave to chemicals,


and SSRIs.

So, I remain the other,

occupying the outside

of my own mind

weaving in and out

of your reality

and my reality

and the visions I have

when I get really high.

Anything I take I take

to not remember

I’m alive.

That pool is too dangerous.

The inside is too dangerous.

My memory is too dangerous.

Best to keep running and forget

what he felt like.”

(c) Drem 2016

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